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Pearson Webinar: How to teach with Impact Issues

Pearson Japan will conduct a Webinar with Junko Yamanaka, one of the authors of Impact Issues. Please see below for details.

How to teach with Impact Issues

Date & Time: 13th December(Sun) 14:30 – 15:50 (80 minutes)
Presenter: Junko Yamanaka
Registration fee: Free of charge

Webinar Outline

Impact Issues is a flexible textbook. It can be used for speaking, reading, listening, writing or discussion classes. It is also student-friendly and teacher-friendly. Most importantly, students are able to enjoy real communication as they get engaged in the activities to go with each hot topic in the textbook.

I have co-authored this series and have enjoyed using it in class for many years. Recently I have been using the 3rd edition, which is empowered and with more online support. Actually, this support helped me greatly when I had to teach solely online last semester!

Basically, it is rather easy to teach with this textbook, because the topics themselves are interesting, and the exercises can be smoothly followed. However, with some hints, you can make your class even more interesting, enjoyable and effective. I hope to share with you some strategies and procedures I have used in my classes so that it will be useful for both current users and teachers who are interested in using it in the future. I hope to also include how I managed the online (on- demand) class quite successfully using the resources that are provided for students and teachers.