Versant measures a variety of language skills and competencies anywhere, at any time, using patented AI technology to help your organisation set a global standard level of communication.   

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How Versant can help you

For corporations

Assess the language skills that are important for business success

Companies use Versant to uphold the communicative language standards that are critical to customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and improved business results.

For academic institutions

Improve student’s  employability by proving their practical English skills

Academic institutions throughout the world use Versant to evaluate and prove the ability of students to understand spoken English and to communicate clearly and appropriately in English in real life.

English levels around the world

Our research team analyzed scores from Versant test-takers in nine key regions throughout the world, including Japan. Download our Global Snapshot of English Proficiency report to learn about the speaking and writing levels in these areas and how they have changed over time.

Test types

Versant Professional English Test

English is the official language of business, and well-developed communication skills are key to a successful career in an international working environment.

The Versant Professional English Test is a 60-minute proficiency test that measures an individual’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. With questions based on real-life workplace scenarios, corporations and training providers around the world use Versant to baseline an employee’s English skills, measure progress in a business skills program, or use results as insights to uncover learning needs and support talent development.

Using cutting-edge AI and auto-scoring technology, Versant delivers immediate, accurate and actionable data on communicative proficiency in the workforce.

  • Approximately 60 minutes
  • Skills measured: speaking, writing, listening, reading
  • 58 questions/ 10 task types:
    • sentence completion (10), passage reconstruction (3), reading comprehension (6), E-mail writing (2), dictation (8), response selection (8), passage comprehension (6), repeat (10), speaking situation (2), story retelling (3)
  • Score scales:
    • Level 1 test: Global Scale of English (10-58), CEFR <A1–B1+
    • Level 2 test: Global Scale of English (51-90), CEFR B1+ –C2
  • Scores presented:
    • Overall score and sub scores for speaking, writing, listening, reading skills

Versant Speaking Test

Screen your job candidates or staff quickly with Versant Speaking Test, a 20-minute test of spoken English that delivers results in minutes.

Using a computer or smartphone, candidates respond to prompts allowing us to measure a variety of spoken communication domains including comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation and intelligibility – perfect if you have hundreds of candidates to screen or simply want a way to objectively measure skills anywhere, anytime.

With over 350 million tests scored over 20 years, Versant uses AI to help HR, businesses and governments to more effectively recruit, promote, train, and develop staff.

  • Approximately 20 minutes
  • Skills measured: speaking
  • 63 questions/ 6 task types:
    • reading (8), repeat (16), questions (24), sentence build2 (10), story retelling (3), open questions (2)
  • Score scales:
    • Global Scale of English (10-90), CEFR <A1–B1+, Versant (20-80)
  • Scores presented:
    • Overall score and sub scores for fluency, pronunciation, sentence mastery, vocabulary

Versant Writing Test

In a time when online chat support is a key part of customer service offerings, ensure your employees have the reading and writing skills needed to have positive interactions with your customers and teams in English with our 35-minute Versant Writing Test.

Using a computer in either online or offline mode, candidates respond to workplace-related situations that require written English, including taking notes, summarizing, and responding to emails.

With test results available in minutes, corporations and call centers trust our advanced auto-scoring to make an unbiased evaluation of candidates’ writing abilities.

  • Approximately 35 minutes
  • Skills measured: writing
  • 42 questions/ 5 task types:
    • Typing (1), Sentence completion (20), Dictation (16), passage reconstruction (4),  E-mail writing (1)
  • Score scales:
    • Global Scale of English (10-90), CEFR <A1–B1+, Versant (20-80)
  • Scores presented:
    • Overall score and subscores for grammar, vocabulary, organization, voice & tone, reading comprehension

Versant English Placement Test

Get ahead of the curve by placing learners in the right course using our 50-minute Versant English Placement Test.
This comprehensive test was specially designed for English language learners to automatically evaluate speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills by computer, with detailed score reports including current capabilities, and suggestions for improvement. With score mappings to common scales like GSE, CEFR, PTE, IELTS and TOEFL, as well as teaching interventions mapped to popular Pearson ELT titles, it is easy to integrate Versant English Placement Test results into your existing enrollment process.

Using auto-scoring technology, academic institutions and private language schools throughout the world use Versant to evaluate the English communication skills of their students.

  • Approximately 50 minutes
  • Skills measured: speaking, writing, listening, reading
  • 81 questions/ 9 task types:
    • read aloud (2), repeat (16), sentence builds (10), conversations (12), typing (1), sentence completion (20), dictation (16) passage reconstruction (3), summary & opinion (1)
  • Score scales:
    • Global Scale of English (10-90), CEFR <A1–B1+, Versant (20-80)
  • Scores presented:
    • Overall score and sub scores for speaking, writing, listening, reading skills

Test delivery options

Candidates can take the test anytime, anywhere in a number of different ways to ensure maximum flexibility for your business needs

Mobile App Delivery* 

Candidates can use our mobile app to take the Versant spoken test from anywhere, with or without service.

*Versant Speaking Test only

Web Delivery

Candidates can take any Versant test online via desktop or laptop.

Software Delivery 

Securely test your candidates onsite and offline with our software-based delivery option

Remote Monitoring 

For additional security and confidence in recruitment, the remote monitoring option uses AI to verify candidate identity and flag suspicious behaviour when testing offsite.

Score report

Fast Reporting

The score report is available within minutes and includes the test taker’s overall score and subscores, with detailed explanations of language capabilities and tips for skill-specific improvement.


The scores are benchmarked to a number of standardized international score scales including the Global Scale of English (GSE)* and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Intelligibility Index Score

Intelligibility reflects how easy it is to understand what someone is saying. Available exclusively in the Versant English Test score report, this new score measures various parts of a test taker’s manner of speaking such as pronunciation, fluency, clarity of expression, and speed of speech.

* Global Scale of English (GSE)
The GSE is the first truly global English standard, allowing teachers to more accurately and more easily measure learner progress. To learn more about GSE, go to this page.

Test administration

Organisations have access to an all-in-one test management platform, which enables them to easily:

  • Set controls on what candidate data is captured
  • Set passing scores
  • Flexibly group candidates according to business requirements
  • Distribute tests, results and certificates
  • Analyze individual and aggregate test performance data

Who uses Versant?

“The first good thing about VERSANT is the “speed,” as results are immediately available after taking tests. It is important to get the results quickly when taking the test before and after English training, so that we can run a cycle of verifying the effectiveness. There is also the “convenience” of being able to take the test with a smartphone. Since the test can be taken anytime and anywhere, there is no need to set up a venue or have busy employees come all the way to take the English test. Furthermore, the “credibility” of the score is also important. Based on our experience, we have found that the scores are consistent and do not fluctuate much, even if the same person takes the test several times and this is one of the main reasons why we use VERSANT.” — PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD.