Using Research to Improve Performance: Scaffolding, Stretch and Assessment

This is a recorded presentation talking about, by using the Global Scale of English, how schools/ English teachers can set learning objectives and assessments that measure progress to meet the goals targeted by curriculum guidelines, and then how they can filter down the learning objectives into the activities on a per class level.

Recorded on: Saturday, 27 July 2019 @ Pearson Teachers Conference in Japan

Duration: 60 minutes


In language education, many seek ways to build programs that lead to long term progress while supporting learners language development. Programs that contain clear scaffolding achieve superior measurable results which can lead to long-term retention and improved quality of language acquisition. The introduction of the Global Scale of English has created an entirely new way to focus on the development and measurement of scaffolding and stretch goals in a program design and lesson planning by offering granular insight into language acquisition. Research based practices utilize assessment to inform curriculum develop and drive learners to higher achievements. This session will provide further insight into course design and development that supports learning using the Global Scale of English as an organizational guide.


Sara Davila
Pedagogy and Improvement
Global Scale of English Implementation Lead, Pearson English

Sara Davila has worked in the US and abroad including Asia as a teacher, teacher trainer, and educational specialist engrossed in language education, professional development, and curriculum construction. In Korea, she had trained over 7,000 new and experienced teachers for work in public school situations for 6 years as a part of a government-led project. Recently she has supported to implement the Global Scale of English in Panama Bilingual Program, a government-led initiative designed to nurture state school teachers and students to become bilingual by 2025.

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