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About SuperKids

SuperKids 3rd Edition is the latest edition of the best selling SuperKids series for elementary school. Students learn with the lively child characters to build a strong foundation in English through their fun adventures.

SuperKids blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers, taking students all the way from basic letter <> sound recognition to reading short stories.

What’s New?

Why SuperKids is even more SUPER!

SUPER! enhancements based on your feedback!

  • Can-do based content to ensure smoother learning progression
  • Discover It! lessons to provide additional content-based learning
  • Culture lessons to expose children to other cultures and countries and to put English in the context of the world around them

Refreshing design to help students focus on learning

  • New eye-catching design and illustrations to help children focus and build interest around the content and activities
  • New focus on learning objectives to allow teachers and children to more easily understand what they will be learning and raise awareness of their achievements

New approach to measuring progress and seeing results

Mapped to the Global Scale of English (GSE), providing extra precision in measuring a learner’s understanding and capability in English language learning

Resources to support you and your learners

  • New digital teacher presentation tool to provide a more enriching learning experience and to provide teachers with a convenient and flexible tool that integrates all course components
  • New Pearson English Portal* to provide teachers with everything they need for their lessons in one place

Simple to switch to the new edition

  • Based on the proven syllabus and lesson flow of SuperKids. All enhancements are seamlessly integrated.
  • Illustrations have been refreshed, but most of the previous edition Picture Cards can be used. All the new Picture Cards can be access through the Pearson English Portal*. Refresher Picture Card packs will also be available for a limited time. (Only Level 1-4. Level 5-6 are not applicable)
  • Teacher resources, including the teacher presentation tool, teacher’s manual, tests, and full audio are available through the Pearson English Portal.

*Pearson English Portal (PEP) is an easy to use digital learning management tool.
Go to this page to learn more about PEP

Sample Pages

Each unit has 6 pages.
In addition to that, Recycle it! and Discover it! sections are included in every 3 units, and there are 2 Culture units at the end of each level.

See sample unit of each level:

Level 1 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5
Level 2 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5
Level 3 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5
Level 4 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5
Level 5 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5
Level 6 Student Book Unit 5 Activity Book Unit 5

Preview Page


See the syllabus of each level:

Level 1 Click here
Level 2 Click here
Level 3 Click here
Level 4 Click here
Level 5 Click here
Level 6 Click here


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Prices
Student Book with 2 Audio CDs and PEP access code 9789882435438 9789882435445 9789882435452 9789882435469 9789882435476 9789882435483 ¥2,000 + tax
Activity Book 9789882435490 9789882435506 9789882435513 9789882435520 9789882435537 9789882435544 ¥1,700 + tax
Teacher’s Book with PEP access code 9789882435551 9789882435568 9789882435575 9789882435582 9789882435599 9789882435605 ¥4,460 + tax
Picture Cards 9789813136052 9789813136069 9789813136076 9789813136083 9789813136090 9789813136106 ¥9,340 + tax
SuperKids 3rd Edition Value Packs (Japan)
Special value packs available from March 2020 until 31 March 2021
9789813136175 9789813136182 9789813136199 9789813136205 9789813136212 9789813136229 ¥14,870+tax

To learn more about the components and ISBNs, please see our online catalog.


Teacher Value Pack

A special set of:

Student Book+Activity Book+Teacher’s Book+Picture Cards

Usual price: 17,500 yen + tax
↓ ↓ ↓
Campaign price: 14,870 yen + tax

Limited time offer!
On sale from Spring 2020 to 31st March 2021

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(Level 1-4 only. Level 5 and 6 are not applicable.)
(Picture Cards will be available in February 2020, we will send as soon as they are published)

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Pearson Japan is excited to invite you to our special workshops to be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in conjunction with the release of SuperKids 3rd Edition.

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Aleda Krause

Aleda is co-author of SuperKids and SuperTots, project consultant of Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary. She is now a lecturer at Seigakuin University. She has been engaged in English education for young learners in Japan over 30 years.

“The SuperKids are my old friends! I hope they can become your friends — and your students’ friends, too. Learning and practicing English with the SuperKids is fun and exciting. Whenever I open the book to a new unit, I’m still delighted to see what they are doing and what they are saying. The dialogs are all useful English sentences and the vocabulary words are all great for everyday life. And the new “My Progress” page can help all of us, teachers and students alike, understand and remember just what we have been learning. May you come to love the SuperKids as much as I do!”