Pearson English Portal (PEP) – SuperKids 3rd edition

SuperKids 3rd Edition Digital Resources can be accessed via the Pearson English Portal(PEP).

What’s Pearson English Portal(PEP)?

The Pearson English Portal (PEP) aligns on and offline English teaching and learning resources, bringing them together at a single access point; providing a comprehensive, easy to use learning management tool.

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Student Books come with a PEP access code for students, whereas teacher’s books include a PEP access code for teachers.

The following resources can be accessed via PEP:

• Access code for students (included in student books, valid for 2 years)

  • All Student Book Audio Files
  • All Activity Book Audio Files
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• Access code for teachers(included in teacher’s books, valid for 3 years)

  • All Student Book Audio Files
  • All Activity Book Audio Files
  • Teacher’s Book PDF
  • Picture Cards
  • Assessment Pack/Test audios
  • Classroom Presentation Tool

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For Students/Parents (Japanese only)

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