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21st century learners live with digital tools that give them more chances to access learning content anytime, anywhere at their own pace. Pearson provides opportunities for learners to study with engaging digital content even outside of classrooms so that they could enhance their language ability more effectively.

Our featured self-study programs

Pearson Online English

The mobile-first, personalized digital learning experience helps learners equipped with certified, career-aligned English skills at their own pace.

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Pearson English eReaders

It brings the joy of reading to all learners at anytime, anywhere, offering access to world-renowned stories re-written for English learners and graded to different levels to motivate learners to read, learn and succeed.

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Additional tools that enhance student learning

Online Assessments

Fast, AI-backed and CEFR-aligned assessments that visualize language ability and progress across 4 skills and can be useful tools for students to prepare for a high-stakes test.

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