Pearson Assured

About Pearson Assured

Pearson_Without_Strapline_Purple_RGB_LoRes‘Pearson Assured’ is an independently verified quality mark from Pearson that’s ideal for any organisation delivering training or learning programs that are designed, taught and assessed in-house. This service evaluates your quality processes, and recognizes and endorses high quality institutions that achieve the Pearson standard – an independent international benchmark of quality.

Why become a Pearson Assured organisation?

Set an international benchmark

By demonstrating that your organisation meets the Pearson Assured quality criteria, you ensure that each learner on each programme receives the same standard of education and training provision, whoever they are, and wherever they take the course.

Stand out from the crowd

Assured organisations can use the Pearson logo on promotional materials, and claim certificates featuring the Pearson logo alongside your organisation’s logo.

Improve your quality management

When our quality advisors review the validity and reliability of your quality procedures, you get detailed feedback on how you can improve your quality systems. Annual visits thereafter help you to improve your quality standard.

Assure your learners with an independent benchmark from a credible authority

Becoming Pearson Assured sends a clear message to current and prospective learners that your organisation is accountable and responsible, providing important reassurance to your learners.

One simple step, to endorse all your organisation process

Because we review your organisation, and not individual programmes, Pearson Assured status involves only one organisation-level review. This means you can receive a quality endorsement for all your programmes from just one review.

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Case study

Human Academy – Crystal Decoration Programme

ヒューマンアカデミーHuman Academy is a nationwide vocational training school with an enrolment of over 40,000 learners across 63 different sites on over 500 different programmes mainly for those who are aiming to obtain qualifications, find a new job, and open a business. The mission of Human Academy is to provide career and education opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and capabilities to help them achieve their dreams.

In 2012 Human Academy approached Pearson to ‘assure’ their new Crystal Decoration course in order to provide an external validation and accreditation of quality in design and delivery. Following a rigorous auditing process which measured the organisation against our educational objectives and quality measures, the programme was approved and ‘assured’. The learners who complete the course are guaranteed to have a world standard skill and they can leverage it for their career and establishment of business.

Every year an external audit takes place by auditors from the UK to ensure that the highest standards are being adhered to across all their programmes. In 2014 Human Academy is increasing the number of Pearson Assured programmes in this new and exciting field to include Crystal Glue Decorative Artists and Crystal Beads Jewellery Artist.

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