BTEC is the world’s most successful and best-loved applied learning brand, and has been engaging learners in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills for over 25 years. BTECs are work-related qualifications suitable for a wide range of learners.

About BTEC

Real skills for the real world

btec_MG_3351Over the last 25 years, BTEC qualifications have helped people across the globe develop the skills they need to achieve their education and career goals. Engaging and inspiring, these career-related qualifications are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Our practical learning focuses students’ minds and helps to show how theory works in real life.

Created in collaboration with educators and industry and covering a wide range of subject specialisms, BTEC qualifications develop 21st century skills sought after by employers across the globe. They allow learners to directly access further or higher education, and prepare them for employment.

BTEC’s unique, hands-on approach means that students will leave not only with an internationally recognized qualification – but with real skills and knowledge that can immediately be put to use in a professional or academic context.

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