Pearson Active Readers

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (MP3 Audio CD Pack) - Active Readers Level 2Leonardo da Vinci (MP3 Audio CD Pack) - Active Readers Level 4Water for Life (MP3 Audio CD-Pack) - Active Readers Level 2Stories of Courage (MP3 Audio CD Pack) - Active Readers Level 3Mysteries of the Unexplained (Book with CD-ROM and MP3 Audio Disc) - Active Readers Level 3

Stories you love… support you need

Pearson’s Active Reading is a new series which provides enjoyable stories and texts combined with activities designed to develop reading skills. Each book also contains an interactive CD-ROM, which contains activities and a complete audio recording of the story.

  • Interactive CD-ROM for every title
  • Enjoyable contemporary movie titles, classics and original stories
  • Five levels available to match all reading levels
  • Integrated activities perfect for classroom use
  • Beautifully designed in full color including illustrations and photographs

Pearson’s Active Reading CD-ROM

pearson-active-readers-cd-rom-xl Each book in the Pearson’s Active Reading series is supported by an interactive CD-ROM, that contains interactive games, practice activities, tests, and the complete audio for the book. This gives you the freedom to use a blended approach of reading a traditional book, listening to an audio book and using e-learning practice (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible).

Find books by level

Easystarts Level 200 250 26-27 Grade 4 A1
Level 1 300 250 26-27 Grade 4 A1
Level 2 600 350 36-37 Grade 3 A2
Level 3 1200 400 40 Grade Pre 2 A2
Level 4 1700 500 52 Grade 2 B1