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Reading is a great way to study English, and our readers offers the best selection of graded readers for all ages. Each Pearson Readers series is also carefully graded to ensure that English learners can easily understand and experience the pleasure of reading in English.

Pearson Readers have a new design and new features that will help you enjoy reading in English at any level. Whether you read for pleasure or information, our reader series offers the best selection of well-known and loved stories.

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  • Stylish covers
  • Audio (CD or downloadable)
  • Activities in each book
  • Teacher support

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What is the Pearson English Reader series?

Les Miserables Forrest Gump

Freshly rebranded from Penguin Readers, Pearson English Readers are world-renowned stories re-written for English learners and graded to different levels to motivate them to read, learn and succeed. Learners can enjoy learning English while expanding their knowledge about the world from reading.

Extensive collection of titles

Choose from a large selection of books and film-based titles across 13 different genres, appropriate for different age groups.

Four kinds of Reader designed for different types of reading practice

  • Pearson English Kids Readers: Primary series including Disney and CLIL titles. Click here for more details.
  • Pearson English Story Readers: The world’s favorite fairy tale collections. Click here for more details.
  • Pearson English Active Readers: Comes with an interactive CD-ROM that includes extra games and activities. Click here for more details.
  • Pearson English Readers: A wide variety of stories from film titles to fairy tales, graded to 7 levels. Click here for more details.

Free, handy resources

Teacher resources are available for every title to download from our dedicated website: www.pearsonenglishreaders.com.

The Secret Garden Stories of Courage
9781408288382 Animal Athletes 9781408288146 Festival Fun

Pearson Readers Library Sets


Pearson Readers Library Sets make starting extensive reading convenient and easy. Additionally, by ordering the entire set of Pearson Readers or individual level sets, you save between 10-15%. (*Only available for Pearson English Kids Readers and Pearson English Readers). Click here for more details.

How are Pearson English Readers graded?

Pearson English Readers and Pearson English Active Readers use the new Global Scale of English (GSE).

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is the world’s first truly global English language standard which will allow you to measure progress accurately and easily.

Because it’s aligned to other scales you may have heard of, such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and High-Stakes Tests, you can use the Global Scale of English to guide learning no matter what your ultimate goal.

Learn more about the Global Scale of English at www.english.com/gse.

The Pearson English Readers and Pearson English Active Readers are graded by:

• Structure (grammar)
• Number of headwords
• Vocabulary
• Sentence length
• Sentence complexity
• Number of words on a page
• Number of pages in a book
• Complexity of activities
• Number of hours of English completed by the reader
You’ll find GSE and CEFR-aligned levelling tables on each Reader’s back cover.

How are Pearson English Kids Readers graded?

• Number of headwords
• Grammatical structures
• Vocabulary
• Complexity of activities
• Number of hours of English completed by the reader

The following Pearson English Readers are currently available.
We constantly add new and exciting titles, so watch out for updates!

Click on the series title to show the list of available readers. Click a reader to learn more about the title.

[New] Reader GSE Teacher’s Booklets (Can-Do Descriptors)

Free GSE Teacher’s Booklets (Can-Do Descriptors) for all of Pearson’s reader series are now available for free. Click here to learn more.
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Find out more about Pearson English Readers:

Support materials are available to download on the websites: PEKR: audio & teachers’ resources • PER & PEAR: teachers’ resources