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SuperKids (3rd Edition)

Elementary: SuperKids (3rd Edition)

SuperKids 3rd Edition is the latest edition of the best selling SuperKids series for elementary school. Students learn with the lively child characters to build a strong foundation in English through their fun adventures.

SuperKids blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers, taking students all the way from basic letter <> sound recognition to reading short stories.

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English Language Booster

Kindergarten/Elementary: English Language Booster

The English Language Booster series can be used alone or as supplementary material and works perfect for modular lessons as well.
  • Structured to thoroughly teach 4-skills
  • Vocabulary-based and activity-based material that also supports Eiken Junior
  • Includes CLIL to broaden understanding of the real world while stirring the child’s imagination
  • CAN-DO lists at the beginning and end of each unit to show progress
  • Empathetic characters throughout all levels guide children through their studies
It’s designed to support teachers who are using English Land 2nd edition. Using both together will help teachers have more fun and engaging classes.

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Skills: AZAR Fundamentals of English Grammar 5th Edition

Skills: AZAR Fundamentals of English Grammar 5th Edition

Clear, direct, and comprehensive, the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series uses a grammar-based teaching approach—blending grammar methodology with communicative methods. Grammar is used as the starting point for the development of all language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The series uses grammar as a springboard for interactive, communicative practice opportunities.

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Business Partner

Professional & Vocational: Business Partner

Business Partner gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It helps learners to make measurable progress in learning English while helping to make them more employable.

Business Partner does not assume any knowledge of the workplace, and is designed for students with no work experience. It also provides many suggestions and alternative ways to use the material for those students already in work.

Each level is written to a syllabus based on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Professional English to help learners evaluate their progress.

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NorthStar Listening and Speaking / Reading & Writing (5th Edition)

English for Academic Purposes: NorthStar Listening and Speaking / Reading & Writing (5th Edition)

NorthStar is an intensive, American English integrated skills course that incorporates critical thinking and academic skills with language development. It engages students through authentic and compelling content. It is designed to prepare students for the demands of college level and university study. There are two strands to NorthStar: Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing.

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General English: StartUp

StartUp is an innovative eight-level, multi- skills general English course built around the Global Scale of English (GSE). It is a complete language program that motivates 21st century learners with relevant and media-rich content, and provides teachers with robust support to make teaching personalizable and easy.

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University Success

English for Academic Purposes: University Success

University Success is a three-strand (reading, writing, oral communication) academic skills series designed to equip English learners with the reading, writing, and oral communication skills necessary to succeed in courses in an English-speaking university setting and grammar. There are three levels.

Interviews with Stanford processors discussing their own writing processes.

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Pearson English Readers

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