What’s a MyEnglishLab? What’s a MyLab?


Enriched learning

My-English-Labs-banner-2Think of a MyEnglishLab as a super-charged, interactive, online workbook. With MyEnglishLab (or MyLab as we often call it for short) you can give your students huge amounts of con- trolled practice via a wide range of PC-based activities that can be done at home or at school.

Flexible solutions

With MyEnglishLab students can practice where and when they want and, in just a few clicks, you can choose activities and tests that meet the specific requirements of your teaching situation. You can also assign activities to groups of students with different needs, helping them to reach their goals more effectively.

Monitor Progress | Diagnose Problems

Via MyLab’s Gradebook (a free Learner Management System), you can monitor progress and diagnose problems through a simple control panel. Another really useful feature is the way that you can see the common mistakes made by your class in the Common Error Report function of your MyLab. Use MyLab together with an eText if you’ve gone completely digital, or pair it with the printed coursebook if that works better for you. Some MyLabs can be used just by themselves.

Like eTexts, MyLabs are available for a wide range of courses. Students enter codes to access the material via the special MyLab website.


New features for teachers

  • Teacher-friendly. Streamlined user interface helps you create events quickly, set and edit assignments, and change due dates. Tailor your course by setting the number of assignment attempts and assigning any of the activities.
  • Convenient. New calendar options with improved design, calendar text entry, and filtering to view only what you need to see.
  • Flexible. Additional materials, including videos and images, can be uploaded to give you more options for personalizing your class. Options for group registrations, adding new students, and creating master courses give you more control with managing your course!
  • Time-saving. Convenient score filters and new diagnostics tab make the Gradebook do the work for you!
  • Accessible. iPad compatibility makes MyEnglishLabs accessible anytime, anywhere!

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