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What’s an eText?

Think of an eText as an interactive multimedia version of your coursebook that is used on PCs and tablets. An eText brings together components such as the Class Audio, the DVD, ActiveTeach (for teachers) and ActiveBook in one online product that you and your students can get via an access code. You enter the code into the special eText website (or mobile app, if you prefer).

Courses with eText versions include: North- Star, Side by Side Extra, Project Success, Move It! and many more. And eTexts are localized for Japan. eTexts can replace printed books completely in classrooms where everyone has access to computers or tablets – or can be used together with printed books if preferred.

How do I use eText?


Look out for Pearson titles displaying the eText logo.

  1. Access to create an account.
  2. After creating an account, click “GotoyourBookshelf” in the same link to access eText on a PC.
To access eText with a tablet, install the app “Pearson eText Global” (free). Open the app and fill in your Pearson account user name and password to log in.

For more detailed guidance about how to register and how to use eText, please click here.

Note: Access codes are necessary to use eText. (There are Teacher access codes and Student access codes.)