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The largest range of dictionaries for 
your needs

Pearson Longman has a long tradition of publishing the best English language dictionaries. You can rely on Longman dictionaries to provide you with the most natural examples, the clearest definitions, and the widest variety to suit your
specific needs.

Focus on natural language

All our dictionaries are made using the Longman Corpus Network, a huge database of 330 million words from a wide range of real-life sources. This ensures that you learn how to use English from real, natural examples.

Easy to understand

Longman dictionaries are clear and easy to understand because all definitions are written using the Longman Defining Vocabulary. The Longman Defining Vocabulary comprises 2,000 simple words that help you understand vocabulary quickly.

One size doesn’t fit all

Whether you’re at a beginner or advanced level, interested in British or American English, focused on vocabulary or idioms, studying for business or the TOEIC®, you are sure to find the dictionary you need in Longman’s extensive range.

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