Customized Training

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Multifaceted support for globalizing your business

For companies aiming to expand their business territory, global human resources development is now essential. Pearson Japan’s corporate sales team offers customized training courses to help you acquire the various skills and expertise necessary for global human resources.

We plan training courses encompassing a variety of themes that are indispensable for leadership candidates and staff set to be posted overseas including global skills training, business skills training, and business English training, designed to fit your budget and intended number of employees.

Training course examples

Strategic communication skills


  • Interculture communication
  • Global leadership skills
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Manager coaching skills
  • Global communication skills
  • Meeting participation skills
  • Meeting facilitation skills
  • Tele-conference skills
  • Email writing communication skills
  • Global presentation skills

Global leadership skills

  • Leadership & team
  • Working with global colleague
  • Global logical thinking presentation skills
  • Critical & creative thinking
  • Problem solving & decision-making
  • Feedback technique

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