Assess your student’s
practical English skills

What does Versant measure?

The Versant English Test measures the test taker’s ability to understand English and speak it intelligibly at a native conversational pace on everyday topics, focussing on performance in sentence mastery, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation.

Advanced speech processing technology
enables an objective, equal, fair assessment

Built using criteria developed by expert linguists, the Versant testing system automatically scores a candidate’s test, using an advanced speech processing technology and testing system. It allows you to consistently evaluate all of your candidates on an equal basis with objective, unbiased scoring. Detailed score reports offer a quick snapshot of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, ideal for placing students into the correct classes and certification for evidence of language fluency for job applicants.

The scoring criteria for Versant strongly correlates with CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

Low cost test available to take 24/7,
7 days a week, from a pc or a smartphone

Versant makes test centers or invigilators redundant. It may be taken at any time from any location, and it costs the test from anywhere, any time, at a low cost. Suitable for a large group test session.

All candidates need to take the Versant Speaking Test is a pc and a headset or a smartphone.

Scores available within
minutes of completion of the test

The Speaking Test takes approximately 20 minutes. The candidate’s answers are auto-marked immediately, allowing users to check the results online without waiting. The scores are available for test administrators on the admin site and easy to manage.

Candidate takes test
from a pc or smartphone

Auto-marking using speech
processing technology

Results immediately
available online

Sample test paper

Test Details: ● Total Number of Questions: 63 ● Time: Approximately 20 minutes ● Scoring: 20-80

Task / Number of questions Task details & skills evaluated
A Reading Read aloud displayed sentences in order of instruction (evaluates pronunciation, fluency)
8 tasks
B Repeat Repeat sentences exactly as heard (evaluates pronunciation, fluency, sentence structure)
16 tasks
C Questions Give a simple answer using one of the words from the question (evaluates vocabulary)
24 tasks
D Sentence Builds Listen to randomly ordered words and word groups and rearrange them into a sentence (evaluates fluency, sentence structure)
10 tasks
E Story Retelling Listen to brief stories and retell them in your own words (evaluates pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, sentence structure)
3 tasks
F Open questions Answer freely to simple questions
2 tasks

Less work for test administrators
even for a large-scale testing

The Versant English Test administration is easy with ScoreKeeper, a web-based tool for test administration such as registering test takers and manage results.

ScoreKeeper Features
● Create test batches
● Download test papers (PDF) and test ID lists (Excel)
● Track test status
● View test results
● Listen to responses (name, location, part of the test)
● Export results (Excel)
Please note:
* ScoreKeeper does not hold test takers’ personal details (e.g. names). You can add them to downloaded ID lists to manage locally.
* ScoreKeeper does not have the functionality to distribute test papers

Globally recognized success and reliability

The Versant English Test has been used by corporations and government agencies and academic institutions throughout the world to evaluate the spoken English skills of staff, officers, or students.

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