Measuring Your Students’ Level

Online test that adjusts the difficulty of the
test questions based on the student’s answer,
measuring overall English skills, including
speaking, with instantaneous results


Test takes about 40 minutes! Instant results are given by automated marking systems.

Available to access from any place with a computer and Internet access.


Scores are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging across A1 – C2.

The new curriculum guideline by the Ministry of Education proposes that 50% of high school students are required to reach this proficiency level by the time they graduate.


The test measures all four skills + Grammar and Vocabulary, giving accurate and detailed analysis of different skills.


Adaptive test that automatically presents suitable questions from a wide range of exam questions.

The test measures student responses and automatically calculates which question to show next. This allows us to deliver pinpoint accuracy for our tests.

Multiple choices, fill-in-the-blank questions, correcting mistakes, reading, listening to dialogues, dictation, description, reciting, image-based multiple choice, etc.

* Please note that Pearson’s Placement is currently only available for group lessons.

* We also offer the Placement Profile test, which excludes speaking.

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