Privacy Policy

Management of Personal Information

Pearson Japan recognizes the importance of the personal information you provide, and our goal is to conduct proper collection, use, and management of personal information through strict compliance with the laws and legal ordinances pertaining to the safeguarding of personal information.

  • We establish guidelines for the safeguarding of personal information and thoroughly educate the executives of this company and its employees. We also request that our business partners strictly comply with the law regarding the management of personal information, and conduct supervision, guidance, and consultation as necessary.
  • We have appointed staff charged with managing personal information, and have instituted an effective security control system for the management of personal information.
  • When collecting information, we shall provide advance notice of the purpose for collection and use, and said information shall be used appropriately within that scope.
  • Pearson Japan has inherited a portion of the operations of Pearson Kirihara. Personal information previously held by Pearson Kirihara may be used for the following purposes.

    • Surveys and sales promotions for this company’s products and services via various media such as telephone, email, and post, as well as the sending of prizes, etc.
    • Sending and delivery of product purchases, collection of payment for goods, notifications of modifications to the terms of service, suspension, cancellation, or contract termination for services, and the sending of other notices to provide information from this company.
    • Supplementary Items to the Preceding Purposes.

  • Personal information provided to this company shall not be provided to any third party, with the exception of cases in which there are appropriate grounds, such as when required by law.
  • In the event that a request to disclose, revise, delete, or terminate usage of personal data held by this company is received from the provider of said information, we shall endeavor to process the request promptly and comply swiftly in accordance with the law.
  • In order to preserve the efficacy of the personal information security control guidelines and operations manual established by this company, we shall educate our employees and partners, establish appropriate review measures, and work to maintain our security control system.

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