Primary Academy

Primary Academy is our brand-new online repository of teaching materials, available for teachers who have adopted our leading courses for young learners. The materials are organised by GSE range to help teachers to find material at an appropriate level to support their learners.

Primary Academy 
is now available on
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What’s inside Primary Academy?

Grammar PPT
Grammar presentation slides

Chants, rhymes, songs

Documentaries, Dramatic episodes (6 GSE levels, with scripts)

American English, British English and Traditional songs (approx. 60 total)

Grammar, vocabulary, skills, projects, puzzles (PDFs, different GSE levels)

Exam preparation
Flyers, Movers, Starters speaking test preparation videos; Cambridge YL and PTE Young Learners practice papers; English Benchmark Young Learners levelling test

Teaching aids
Charts, organizers, alphabet, school signs PDFs

Poptropica Island Game Guides
Walkthrough PDFs

Learn at home
Worksheets with arts and crafts, challenges and seasons & festivals activities

Teacher tips and a PDF “Handy Guide to Teaching Online”

COVID-19 resources are also available

Where classrooms are open, teachers may find the following resources helpful – Corona-virus social distancing school signs and articles on online teaching, mindfulness and social distancing. There are also some activities including a handwashing video with worksheet and ideas like making a time capsule.

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Our Primary materials are designed for teachers who instill confidence and inspire, and learners who thrive in their classrooms.

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