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About Pearson Online English

English fluency has never been more important than in today’s job market. But every learner is different. Pearson Online English is a uniquely personal, digital learning experience that boosts employability because we empower individuals to learn real-world English for their real-world careers.

Gives you the power to drive higher English proficiency, faster

From implementing your English language program to scaling it to thousands of employees across the globe, our platform gives you the tools to advance careers and performance.

Personalized Courses 100% Authentic Content Live Instruction Assessment Reporting

Benefits for learners

Access anywhere, anytime Personalized Unlimited access to native speaker teachers

Our ‘mobile first’ approach enables learning anywhere, any time and on any device.

Each learner can expect a customized course plan with adaptive lessons that are aligned to your interests, career goals and proficiency level.

Led by certified teachers, group classes and one to one tuition give you the opportunity to have real, interactive conversations with learners from around the world.

Benefits for corporates

Give your teams real-world language instruction for their real-world careers

Effective learning at scale Data and analytics Real-world job focused content

Organisations can easily reach all their learners wherever they are, whilst ensuring a personalised and engaging experience.

Learners retain a clear sense of achievement while organisations have full visibility into cohort and performance data that help you drive better business decisions.

Over 30 industry aligned courses and 55,000 hours of authentic and relevant learning content support learners with the skills they actually need to get the job done.

Benefits for institutions

Take your institution to the next level

With our award-winning technology and tutors, you will attract more students and help them find better jobs.

Boost admissions Improve job placement Strategic positioning

Attract more students with a web and mobile learning platform tailored to your institution and designed for effective remote learning.

Make your students more attractive in the marketplace by equipping them with certified, career-aligned English skills.

Add Pearson Online English to your curriculum and leverage a key differentiator for driving your market positioning.

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Pearson Online English is available on iOS and Android applications—no need to take time away from work; no delays due to scheduling issues. No matter where learners are, they can pick up where they left off.

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