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Fostering independent and interactive deep learning by means of establishing curriculum management (PCDA establishment) on a per school level as laid out in the new curriculum guideline, is getting a lot of attention. To implement those goals in English classes, each school needs to set learning objectives and assessments that measure progress based on what students can do.

At the same time, each school has similar requirements such as:

Focus on contact hours

Easily demonstrate progress

Show benefits of learning English

According to our research, 90% of English teachers want to know better ways of capturing where their students’ English levels are now and what they need to do next.

In order to help you tackle those needs, Pearson offers courseware & assessment that are mapped to a single proficiency scale. Watch this video below to know how you can get that insight easily.

The Pearson English Learning Journey

We develop our English language courseware and assessment on a single scale – the Global Scale of English (GSE). The GSE is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as well as the Common Scale of English (EIKEN), so that you can move seamlessly between courses and exams at any level, visualizing your students’ language progress with built-in monitoring tools.

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Find out more on various courseware and assessments that Pearson has, what each of them is designed for and how you can make best use of them depending on your needs.

Case Studies

Many schools and teachers have implemented Pearson’s courseware and assessment. They now have better visibility on their students’ progression which eventually helped them to drive better outcomes. Learn more about their stories below.

How assessments impact our curriculum

(by Ritsumeikan APU)

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Case study for English 4 skills CBT

(by Konan Gakuen High School)

Read Case Study

Improving English Speaking Ability with a Coursebook, Can-Do Statements and Student Presentations

(A public senior high school, Osaka)

Read Case Study

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