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Marvel Readers Contest Winner Announcement

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We are happy to announce the winners of the Marvel Readers Contest that took place from 20 July, 2018 until 30 September, 2018. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for participating!

The winners have been chosen with the help of Marc Helgesen, professor at Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, Sendai and one of the founders and former chairperson of the Extensive Reading Foundation. It was a tough decision as all writing and presentation submissions were excellent and well thought through. Each prize winner has been picked after a thorough evaluation of various criteria.

© 2018 MARVEL

[For Individuals]


First Prize

Ms. Erica FUKUI
Selected Title: Marvel’s The Avengers

Marc Helgesen’s Comment:
”I like the attention you are paying to the team effort and the fact they all (and we all as humans) have different strengths and skills. Maybe that is one of the most important themes from books like the Avengers.

And I am very impressed that this was written by an elementary school student. I hope you continue reading and learning English. Best wishes for great success.”

School Name/Institution Name Selected Title
Osaka University Mr. Sugure ISHIDA Marvel’s The Avengers
Mr. Masato FUKUI Marvel’s The Avengers
Fukuoka University Ms. KUMANOMIDO Marvel’s The Avengers
Fukuoka University Mr. Makoto OKUYAMA Marvel’s The Avengers
  Ms. Shiori ISHIZUKA Marvel’s The Avengers
Mr. Keigo KASUYA Marvel’s The Avengers

© 2018 MARVEL


First Prize

Ms. Yuko SAITO
Selected Title: Marvel’s Captain America

Marc Helgesen’s Comment:
”Good presentation style. The point about the culture gap, related to things like gesture, facial expressions and jokes, is important. I like the way she tied herself to Capt. America’s line, “I can do this all day.”

School Name/Institution Name Selected Title
Fukuoka University Mr. SATOH Marvel’s The Avengers
Azabu Junior High School Mr. Yusuke YOGUCHI Marvel’s The Avengers

[For Groups]

Prize Category School Name/Institution Teacher’s Name Participants Student Name Selected Title

First Prize

Presentation Misa Learning School Misa Nakayama-sensei 7 Ms. Harune Tsuge Marvel’s Captain America
Ms. Miku Koyanagi Marvel’s Captain America
Ms. Miwa Enomoto Marvel’s Thor
Mr. Koji Nagaya Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Sumire Nakayama Marvel’s Captain America
Ms. Sawa Matsushita Marvel’s Captain America
Mr. Yoya Oguri Marvel’s Captain America
Presentation Setsunan University Matsuda Sae-sensei 6 Mr. Kazuya Ikegami Marvel’s Thor
Mr. Shuichi Kayamoto Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Rinko Kishitani Marvel’s Thor
Mr. Kota Takagi Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Riko Fujita Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Riko Miyazaki Marvel’s The Avengers
Writing The Nakayama Family Takeichi-sensei 3 Mr. Hatuki Nakayama Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Nao Enomoto Marvel’s Thor
Mr. Yusei Suzuki Marvel’s The Avengers
Writing Kawasaki High School Affiliated Junior High School Toyama Mizuho-sensei 6 Mr. Keiji Ogawa Marvel’s The Avengers
Mr. Issa Shimomura Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Kanae Iwase Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Ririka Hatashi Marvel’s The Avengers
Ms. Nozomi Ishibashi Marvel’s The Avengers
Mr. Ryudo Iwamura Marvel’s The Avengers

We will soon send out the prizes to all the winners.
Thanks again to everyone participating in this campaign!

Watch out for another Marvel Readers related campaign which we are planning to run between the middle of November and the end of January next year! We are looking forward to your participation!

Our Jury

Marc Helgesen is an author of over 180 English language teaching articles, books and textbooks including Pearson’s popular English Firsthand series. He is a founder and former chairperson of the Extensive Reading Foundation (www.ERFoundation.org). He’s professor at Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, Sendai