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Place new students at the right level, fast

The Level Test helps teachers place new students in the right class for their level and get lessons off to a flying start – in just 20 to 30 minutes.

With just a few basic set-up requirements, the Level Test can even be taken from home.

* Pearson’s Placement Test has been upgraded to Pearson’s Level Test.

See how the tests helps teachers at APU to motivate their students.

“They can take a test and monitor their progress at a level that’s comfortable for them and where they can see their success, it just has a really big impact.”

* The Level Test is aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE).

The GSE is the first truly global English standard, allowing teachers to more accurately and more easily measure learner progress. To learn more, jump to the GSE section.

Why choose the Level Test?


The test assesses all four language skills in just 30 minutes. Level Test (3 Skills) is delivered in 20 minutes, omitting the Speaking part of the assessment.


Save the time and resources spent creating, administering and marking tests – while minimising human error and receiving results you can rely on.


Backed by market-leading artificial intelligence technology and developed by the team who created PTE Academic, trusted around the world.

Easy to use

Quick and straightforward to use for both teachers and students, Level Test takes the stress out of first day testing, so learning can begin quickly and smoothly.

Level Test facts

Type of test



Length: 30 mins – Level Test
20 mins – Level Test (3 Skills)

When: Anytime

Where: Online, at home or
in the classroom*

Admin platform: Pearson English Test Hub

Operation mode

Marked by:
Pearson English AI technology (adaptive)

Results returned:
Usually within minutes

Targeted at

Learner: Upper secondary schools, Universities,  Private language schools

Level: All levels (CEFR <A1-C2; GSE 10-90)


Primary score: CEFR half band
Other scores: GSE range
Additional insights: High-level performance summary for each skill


Level Test (3 skills): 1’000 yen + tax (single test)
Level Test (4 skills): 1’500 yen + tax (single test)

* Suitable test environment required, including PC, headset (with boom mic for Speaking test only) and Internet connectivity throughout.

Student and group score reports

Download a sample score report

* Sample score report in Japanese will be available soon

Just minutes after the student completes the test, a score report is returned.

In an instant, you can understand each new students’ abilities across different skill sets – in a way that gives you early direction for your teaching.

Student report

Group report

The Level Test experience

Students are presented with a wide range of question types, to give them the chance to demonstrate their skills in different ways. Questions target individual and integrated skills.

From filling in word gaps and completing reading comprehension exercises to describing a picture and replying to spoken prompts, the Level Test assesses the full extent of students’ abilities.

Because this test is adaptive, different learners will see different questions.
Here are a few examples:

Correct the error

Fill in the table

Choose the right phrase

Describe the picture

Listen and write

Read and choose the picture

Global Scale of English

We develop our English language courseware and assessment on a single scale – the Global Scale of English (GSE)

The GSE is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and EIKEN’s Common Scale of English, so that you can move seamlessly between courses and exams at any level, visualizing your students’ language progress with built-in monitoring tools.

The Level Test provides the GSE scores as a part of the test result so you can utilize it to choose courseware at the right level for your students.

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Perfect Partners


The Level Test works alongside the Pearson English Benchmark Test to first stream students, and then track their progress in detail.

Both tests are administered via Pearson English Test Hub, delivering rich insights into your learners’ needs and the effectiveness of your teaching programme, plus tailored recommendations for improvement.

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Our assessments can be used with any course, but we recommend Pearson English courseware, which is perfectly aligned to the GSE Learning Objectives, for a smooth onward learning experience and clear path to fluency.

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User guides

Check out everything you need to know about Level Test & Benchmark Test.

* Please note that Pearson’s Level Test is currently only available for group lessons. Minimum purchase order requirements might apply.