Event Information: Hiroshima JALT 2017 Conference

The Hiroshima JALT 2017 Conference will be held on Sunday, December 3rd. The conference theme is “Teaching Language and Culture in a Global Era”.

Over 40 presentations on teaching language and culture, plus a Symposium featuring local experts on International Education.

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English Firsthand co-author John Wiltshier will give a presentation at the Hiroshima JALT 2017 conference this Sunday. Please see below for details.
Title Presenter Time Room
Gamification vs Good Education — who wins? John Wiltshier 1:30pm – 2:00pm 103
Gamification’s 6 principles & the 3Ts: Teacher, Textbook, Technology John Wiltshier 2:15pm – 2:45pm 103
Click here to see a list of all sessions at the 2017 JALT conference.

Abstract: Gamification vs Good Education — who wins?
Why do our students, spend so much time gaming, tweeting, clicking, liking, uploading texting? As teachers we can critically observe students’ online activities to determine what — if anything — can be utilized for good education. In this presentation, I will present 6 principles that make online games, apps and internet-use so compelling – even addictive – and invite you to draw parallels to what you do in your classes. What this reveals may well surprise you!

Abstract: Gamification’s 6 principles & the 3Ts: Teacher, Textbook, Technology
The six gamification principles will be reviewed. Then,to what extent do our classroom choices include or exclude the six principles of gamification will be considered. Practical examples, from the newly published English Firsthand Fifth Edition, with its online component My Mobile World, will be used to demonstrate each principle.