Read a Pearson Reader
and introduce the books
in your own words!

Looking for the perfect Summer break homework?

Read one of the selected Readers and join the competition
in either the writing or presentation category!

Application Requirements

· English Language Learner living in Japan
· Agrees to terms and conditions

Contest Details

Students read one of the assigned readers and either write

an introduction about the book, or give a 1 minute

presentation about the book and Teachers submit the

introduction or presentation video.

*  Students’ introductions or the presentation videos must be submitted by their teachers.

Teachers can apply if there are 3 or more students entering the contest.

* Please apply for one category only – either the writing or the presentation category.

How to Apply

Students’ introductions or the presentation videos must be submitted by their teachers. Click here to proceed to the application form.


· For Teachers

Step 1: Download the application forms for teachers and students below

Step 2: Hand out the application form to your students, so that they can fill in the introduction.

Step 3: Submit the application forms by mail to our company.

* Please make sure to read our terms and conditions before applying.

· For Students

Step 1: Read one of the selected readers listed below

Step 2: Write an introduction in approximately 100 words in the application form provided by the teacher.

(What you like about it and why you would recommend it)

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· For Teachers

Step 1: Please record (or collect) the students’ presentations of one of the selected contest titles (in English) as a video.
Step 2: Submit the video via the application form below.

* Allowed video formats are AVI, FLV and MP4. The maximum allowed file size is 200MB.

* Please make sure to read our terms and conditions before applying.

· For Students

Step 1: Read one of the selected readers listed below

Step 2: Whilst showing the cover of the book to the camera, film a one minute presentation about what you like about the book or why you recommend the book.

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Contest Period: July 1, 2019 – October 10, 2019

Winner Announcement:  November 5, 2019

Contest Book Selection

Altogether there are 50 titles in the contest book selection.

Series ISBN (Book Only) ISBN (MP3CD/CD付き) Title Levels
1 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288191 Cinderella 1
2 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408286999 Dumbo 1
3 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288535 Finding Nemo: Nemo in School 1
4 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288542 Winnie the Pooh: and the Honey Tree 1
5 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781447944386 Where I Live 1
6 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781447944249 Clothes at Work 2
7 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781292206226 Marvel’s Freaky Thor Day 2
8 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781292206004 Marvel’s The Story of Spider-Man 2
9 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288573 Bambi 2
10 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288566 The Jungle Book: Mowgli Meets Baloo 2
11 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288177 The Little Mermaid: Ariel and the Prince 2
12 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288580 Monsters, Inc. 2
13 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288597 Toy Story 2
14 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781292205960 Marvel’s Call for Backup 3
15 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781292205786 Marvel’s The Swashbuckling Spider 3
16 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288627 Beauty and the Beast 3
17 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288634 Toy Story 2 3
18 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408286975 The Lion King 4
19 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408288672 Toy Story 3 4
20 Pearson English Kids Readers 9781408287354 Aladdin 5
21 Pearson English Readers 9781405869560 9781405880657 (CD) Marcel and the White Star Easystarts
22 Pearson English Readers 9781405842761 9781405877992 (CD) Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea 1
23 Pearson English Readers 9781405842778 9781405878005 (CD) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1
24 Pearson English Readers 9781405876735 9781405878111 (CD) Marcel and the Shakespeare Letters 1
25 Pearson English Readers 9781292205687 9781292208169 Marvel’s The Avengers 2
26 Pearson English Readers 9781405855358 9781408277997 Alice in Wonderland 2
27 Pearson English Readers 9781405842822 9781408278017 A Christmas Carol 2
28 Pearson English Readers 9781405842853 9781408278048 Heidi 2
29 Pearson English Readers 9781405881708 9781408289471 Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 2
30 Pearson English Readers 9781405855433 9781408277980 Three Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes 2
31 Pearson English Readers 9781292205915 9781292208190 Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War 3
32 Pearson English Readers 9781292205694 9781292239521 Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron 3
33 Pearson English Readers 9781292205991 9781292208206 Marvel’s Thor 3
34 Pearson English Readers 9781405881760 9781447925378 Billy Elliot 3
35 Pearson English Readers 9781405876759 Forrest Gump 3
36 Pearson English Readers 9781405881944 9781447925651 Martin Luther King 3
37 Pearson English Readers 9781405881999 9781447925712 Notting Hill 3
38 Pearson English Readers 9781405855471 9781447925774 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 3
39 Pearson English Readers 9781405882026 9781447925781 The Ring 3
40 Pearson English Readers 9781405855495 9781447925835 Stories from Shakespeare 3
41 Pearson English Readers 9781292206288 9781292208220 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 4
42 Pearson English Readers 9781292206295 9781292240756 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 4
43 Pearson English Readers 9781405862417 9781408294222 1984 4
44 Pearson English Readers 9781405882095 9781408294253 The Client 4
45 Pearson English Readers 9781405882231 9781408289600 Inventions that Changed the World 4
46 Pearson English Readers 9781405882279 9781408289563 The Merchant of Venice 4
47 Pearson English Readers 9781405882378 9781292292335 The Body 5
48 Pearson English Readers 9781405865173 9781408276358 The Great Gatsby 5
49 Pearson English Active Readers 9781408261330 The Olympic Promise with MP3 1
50 Pearson English Active Readers 9781408264072 The Olympics with MP3 3

The entire reader contest title list can be downloaded here: PDF | Excel


1st Prize

Teacher: Pearson Readers Full Library Set

Student: Amazon Voucher (3,000 Yen), with a Certificate

Teacher: A level-based Pearson Readers Library Set of your choice (excluding the full set)

Student: 5 popular Pearson English Readers with a Certificate


Marc Helgesen

Marc Helgesen is an author of over 180 English language teaching articles, books and textbooks including Pearson’s popular English Firsthand series. He is a founder and former chairperson of the Extensive Reading Foundation ( He’s professor at Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University, Sendai.

Thomas Robb

Thomas Robb recently retired from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Kyoto Sangyo University and now divides his time between activities for the Extensive Reading Foundation, of which he is the Chair, and editing TESL-EJ, an electronic journal for language teachers. He is the second President of JALT, and then its Executive Secretary until 1990, and has been active in many academic societies. His main focus is how to use technology to improve language learning. He is the designer of the two software apps mentioned in the article, MReader and Peereval. In 2017, he was honored with the “Milne Innovation Award” for his contributions to Extensive Reading” by the Extensive Reading Foundation.


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* Please mail the introductions written by your students as the representing teacher.

* Please make sure to read our terms and conditions before applying.

Step 1:

Please download the Teacher Application Form and the Student Application form below.

* Applications start from July 1st, 2019.

Teacher & Student Application Form

Step 2:

Provide the application forms to your students so that they can fill in the required information and introductions.

Step 3:

Collect the application forms from your students and send them to the following address:

Pearson Japan K.K.
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Tel: 03-5281-8558

Applications start from July 1st, 2019.

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