What’s new in Pearson

New edition of English Land is on the way!

The long-awaited 2nd edition of Pearson’s best-selling series with characters from Disney / Pixar,  English Land is to be released in winter 2017.

What’s new?

  • More popular and latest Disney/Pixar characters e.g. “Frozen,” “Finding Nemo” to help students keep motivated and engaged
  • More pen-to-paper activities like coloring, stickering, cutting out, etc. to give students more practice with their fine motor skills and reinforce new language
  • New CLIL page and review sections to keep up to date with the latest ELT pedagogies
  • New Story page per unit featuring Mickey Mouse and Co. where two audio versions are available; (1) by the genuine Mickey Mouse and Co. voices and (2) by a generic narrator geared to English learners
  • Activity Book mirroring page organization of Student Book as an easy homework assignment
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