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Young adult/adult learners with busy lives can struggle to move forward.  At Pearson, our mission is to provide practical tools and motivating content to help people make progress and achieve results they can measure and celebrate for their future careers and personal aspirations.

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Digital tools and resources

Pearson provides world-class digital platforms to give learners access to engaging content and resources online that are associated with courseware for their better learning experience.

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Pearson English Readers

Brings the joy of reading to all learners at anytime, anywhere, through online & offline.

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Online Assessments

Fast, AI-backed and CEFR-aligned, our assessments visualize language ability and progress across 4 skills.

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We develop our English language courseware and assessment on a single scale – the Global Scale of English (GSE).

The GSE is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and EIKEN's Common Scale of English, so that you can move seamlessly between courses and exams at any level, visualizing your students’ language progress with built-in monitoring tools.

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Contact us at elt.jp@pearson.com if you have any inquiries to our courseware and assessment. Please include your school/company name, your name and, the number of students you are looking for resources for in the email.

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