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Learn how to get the most out of online education during COVID-19

The spread of the COVID-19 is a once in a generation event that has affected us all in some way – in our individual confidence, our work, and sadly, people’s health. Schools and institutions are responding rapidly with distance and online teaching. You know what you need to make a difference to you and your learners – and we are here to support you.

Online teaching tips

If you’re now faced with the reality of teaching remotely and you’re not sure how to approach it, here ‘s a few tips to help you and your students adapt to the learning environment

Six top tips for teaching English online

More and more, schools are offering blended learning and remote teaching options. In this blog, you can learn six top tips for teaching English online.

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Distance teaching and learning: useful tips for making it work

Online teaching expert Dr. Ken Beatty offers practical advice in this series of seven short videos.

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How to deliver an engaging online lesson to teenage students

In this webinar, Michael Brand explore planning, pre-lesson tasks and follow-up, digital delivery tools and platforms, the use of video and ways to build in interaction for engaging online lessons.

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Tips for coursebook users

English Firsthand

As we move to online teaching, we may feel conflicted. We may believe that we are going to need to simplify our classes to such an extent that the students will quickly become demotivated. While there are challenges to creating motivating classes in all contexts, there are some concrete steps we can follow to make our online classes engaging and communicative.

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Impact Issues

Online teaching can present challenges for teachers, particularly if we feel we have to create a class quickly, or in an emergency. This article by series editor Micheal Rost offers five concrete tips for creating a successful online language learning class.

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Side by Side

The Side by Side eText offers a remote learning solution for instructional programs delivering online courses. Each copy of the Side by Side Extra Student Books provides a free access code to its eText version via the Pearson English Portal. This article explains how to make the best use of the eTexts.

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Contemporary Topics

Content-based instruction (CBI) is a great way to increase student engagement and motivation as it allows acquiring language while learning content. In this article, Michael Rost, series editor of Contemporary Topics, explains how to utilize CBI and how to build active engagement with Contemporary Topics Online Classes

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