Corporate Training

It is critical for companies aiming to expand their scope of business to develop global personnel. Pearson Japan provides a wide array of training to support the acquisition of a range of skills and knowledge required for global personnel.

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Today it is taken for granted that companies must consider expanding their businesses to global markets in order to grow and there are increasingly cases where not just suppliers and business partners are located overseas but the company’s own affiliates are setting up operations there as well. The most important issue in this environment is being able to conduct business smoothly by polishing one’s communication skills.
Pearson offers programs focused on improving communication skills in English, which are indispensable for solving this problem, as well as accompanying programs to support English language ability and develop global leaders.

Why do companies choose Pearson corporate training?

The world’s largest
training service company

Pearson is headquartered in London and operates in over 70 countries and, as the world’s largest education services company, builds programs incorporating a large breadth of educational knowledge.

Communication skill training specialized for the position and duties

We provide programs that effectively develop the communications skills that are indispensable for global business success in situations that require dealing with foreigners and mentoring foreign subordinates as a leader.

Experienced instructors

Foreign instructors with guidance experience in a variety of industries build the program contents in accordance with the customer’s needs and increase trainee motivation through interactive guidance.

Flexible customization of programs

Programs can be flexibly arranged to match the study contents, training period, budget, and other factors. Furthermore, all programs can be conducted remotely online.

We offer a variety of programs that satisfy
the needs of your company and trainees.

*All programs can be taken online. *A variety of customizations are also supported.

Selecting by objective

Case studies

Report on International Communication Skills Training for the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University

Training in International Networking and Project Management were conducted at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) in October 2019.

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International Networking Corporate Training Case Study: Henkel Japan

Networking skills in English have become increasingly important in the field. There is a lot of demand from the results of the questionnaire conducted in the previous year, and this training was conducted because of the desire to expand the network and proceed with work more efficiently while continuing to build good relationships with overseas teams.

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Meeting and Teleconferencing Program Corporate Training Case Study: Henkel Japan

The engineers at the company encounter many situations where they need to explain their products and present technical information (i.e., technical presentations). This includes describing the progress of the development of new products as part of projects that cater to the needs of customers when their fellow colleagues and global executives come to Japan.

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Leadership Corporate Training: Skyworks Filter Solutions K.K

This leadership program aimed at improving proactive communication between frontline managers and staff, while taking more initiative, in the background of transforming from a joint venture to an international player, without devaluation of the business that has been cultivated so far.

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Welcome to Workforce New Recruits Program: Skyworks Filter Solutions K.K

The goal of this training was for employees to acquire the fundamental English communication skills needed for essential and effective relationship building in business, using a global mindset. The onsite supervisor of the assigned department stated a desire for employees to understand the way of communicating their opinions to others clearly, points to have meetings efficiently, and to learn differences in perception which occur in interaction with individuals overseas, as well as the importance of a sense of response speed in communication with people from overseas such as the U.S. and Singapore.

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Tools recommended for use with corporate training

Versant Speaking Test

Versant Speaking Test helps you measure thetest taker’s ability to understand English and speak it intelligibly at a native conversational pace on everyday topics in about 20 minutes. It works well for presenting your target workforce readiness and the progress of your learning.

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Pearson Online English

The mobile-first, personalized digital learning experience helps learners equipped with certified, career-aligned English skills at their own pace.

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