This program is aimed at executives and executive candidates. We develop a multitude of programs based on what managerial skills are necessary to fulfill the vision and strategy of each individual company, with topics ranging from global leadership to coaching.

We’re able to cater to your requirements on the length of a program and the number of learners.

Leadership Training Overview

Training Topic Training Outline

(The following are sample contents and can be customized to suit your needs)

Global Leadership & Team Building
  • Enhancing leadership understanding
  • Diversity and intra-team communication
  • Feedback and coaching skills
  • Diverse team simulations
  • 360° feedback
Change Management
  • Delegation, responsibility, and other necessary leadership skills – understanding action
  • Recognizing the needs of primary stakeholders for projects
  • Program success, resistance, and identifying potential obstacles
  • Methods of reaping the benefits of change, and their probabilities of success
Conflict Management
  • Skills and wisdom to break through discomfort, anger, and irritation during conflicts
  • Understanding the sources of conflict
  • Solution methods
  • Hands-on training with expressiveness and assertiveness
Cooperation in Diversity Team
  • Improving communication with diverse teams
  • Teambuilding
  • Understanding the factors that lead to producing motivation, and their effects
  • Your team’s vision and goals
Creativity & Innovative Thinking
  • Understanding creative ways to advance innovation
  • Methods of problem-solving and understanding their application
  • What are the obstacles to innovation?
  • Understanding the importance of intellectual curiosity
Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking
  • Increasing skills for logical analysis and identifying solutions
  • Strategic thinking for achieving goals
  • Evaluating, examining, and applying tools for logical thinking
  • Applicable skills for clear thinking and decision-making
  • Improving thought processes for analysis and problem-solving
Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and leadership development
  • Improving applied action and interpersonal relationships
  • Acquiring specific business skills for success and personal influence
  • Managing different cultures and acquiring communication skills

* Please contact us in regards to the language to be used in the training sessions.
* Other types of training can be provided based on required content. Please contact us for details.

For inquiries, please contact our Corporate Sales department at pj.corporate@pearson.com.