Global Communication
Skills for Financial

This program aims to aid you in mastering the global communication skills you require to fulfill your occupational duties. It is also recommended for executives, executive candidates, division managers, and managerial candidates.

Benefits of industry-specific programs

Clear Goals 

We analyze the global communication skills required for your particular occupation in advance, so the program goals are clear.

* We analyze the necessary global communication skills required for each occupation using job descriptions provided by the comprehensive occupational information site O*NET, and the CAN-DO descriptors which Pearson has developed together with English teachers from around the world.

Maintaining Motivation 

Because you’re acquiring skills that will help you in fulfilling your workplace duties, you can maintain a high level of motivation while learning.

Utilizing and Maintaining Skills

Utilizing the communication skills acquired through the program in a real work environment will enable you to maintain those skills.

Program Outline

Private Lessons
Since you’ll be having one-on-one lessons with the instructor, you can advance through the program with curriculum tied directly to your personal needs.

* This course requires a certain minimum level of English ability.

* For those who would first like to increase their current English ability, we also offer English ability focus training.

Industry-specific Contents
The program uses content tailored to the specific
communication needs of your particular occupation.

You learn each skill through individual modules. The order and pace
of these modules can be customized for each learner.

Evaluation Through Mini-Tests
We check your mastery and application of the skills
through mini-tests at the end of each module.

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