Corporate Training Program Guide

Prepare for Staff
Assignments Abroad

For employees who will be posted overseas

Young and mid-career

Class size: 8-10
Available online

Challenges addressed

  • Those who wish to improve their leadership and communication skills on the ground
  • Those who wish to learn coaching methods and improve work performance alongside their colleagues and subordinates
  • Those who wish to understand cultural differences and the best way to work with their colleagues

After being issued an overseas posting, you will be busy with travel preparations such as organising your visa and accommodation. We understand that you may also be worried about communicating with local entities inside and outside of your company, in addition to the need to improve your English proficiency and understand cultural differences. There will also be occasions when you are required to embrace diversity in addition to improving your English skills, demonstrate a good understanding of the demands of other parties, and be able and negotiate and persuade others while drawing on your leadership skills.

This training has been designed to impart essential leadership skills before you embark on your overseas posting and to improve your communication skills with parties inside and outside of the company. It comprises of many hands-on exercises that will allow you to understand leadership styles across the globe and how to train local employees.

Training overview (optional setup)

  • Formulating a leadership style
  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Understanding global leadership
  • Learning how to arouse the interest of local employees in a new business
  • Managing cultural differences
  • Learning how to work effectively with your peers
  • Delivering welcome speeches
  • Practicing speeches based on hypothetical work destinations
  • Coaching in relation to your colleagues, subordinates, and business partners
  • Improving work performance through coaching
  • Enhancing your interview skills
  • Preparing questions for meetings, setting goals, and following up