The GSE Ecosystem

The GSE ecosystem provides a detailed picture of language performance at different levels of proficiency and for individual skills.

By combining course materials with assessment tools that are benchmarked to the Global Scale of English teachers can:

  1. Understand their students’ levels of proficiency more
  2. Monitor students’ progress in a granular way.
  3. Make more informed choices for each student or class.
The Global Scale of English in Action

The Global Scale of English in Action

The GSE ecosystem is made up of four parts – the scale itself, the GSE Learning Objectives, course materials and assessment. The GSE Learning Objectives are critical in that they provide context for teachers and learners – they describe exactly what it means to be at a level of proficiency in English in terms of what a learner can do. They are an open access resource for teachers and learners worldwide to use to help create their own courses and syllabuses and plan their own personal path to English proficiency.

The GSE Learning Objectives

The GSE Learning Objectives describe what a learner should be able to do at every point on the Global Scale of English for reading, writing, speaking and listening. Creating the new GSE Learning Objectives has been a truly collaborative endeavour. Thousands of teachers from over 50 countries have worked on the project to rate the GSE Learning Objectives – to come to a shared understanding of what it means to be at a level in English across each of the four skills.

Four sets of Learning Objectives are being developed, each tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences – Learners of Professional English, Academic English, Young Learners and General Adult Learners. Available GSE Learning Objectives can be found below.

All Can-Do lists are also available in Japanese. The translation was administered by Yukio Tōno, professor at the Graduate School of Global Studies in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Adult learner's English Learning Objective
Adult Learners English Download

English & Japanese

Business English Learning Objective
Business English Download

English & Japanese

Academic English Learning Objective
Academic English Download

English & Japanese

Young Learners Objective
Young Learners Download

English & Japanese

In addition to the above, GSE Grammar is available for download as well.
GSE Grammar provides detailed information on the key enabling skill of grammar, linking grammatical structures to their usage pattern, related language functions and GSE level.

GSE Grammar Learning Objective
GSE Grammar Download


Courses Mapped to the Global Scale of English

A lot of our courseware is mapped with the Global Scale of English. Click here to see a list of courseware that is mapped with the GSE.

GSE Teacher Booklets for Courses

The booklets introduce Can-Do Statements for each activity in the course. These booklets can now be downloaded for free from the corresponding online catalog pages.

Titles with available GSE Teacher Booklets
Click on the covers below to see the online catalog pages for each title.
Click to visit Business Partner
Click to visit Contemporary Topics (4th Edition)
Click to visit Cutting Edge
Click to visit English Firsthand (5th Edition)
Click to visit Impact Issues (3rd Edition)
Click to visit Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra
Click to visit NorthStar Listening and Speaking (3rd Edition)
Click to visit NorthStar Reading and Writing (3rd Edition)
Click to visit Speakout (2nd Edition)
Click to visit StartUp
Click to visit Summit (3rd Edition)
Click to visit Top Notch (3rd Edition)
Click to visit University Success

GSE Teacher’s Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors) for Pearson English Readers

There are free GSE Teacher’s Booklets (Can-Do Descriptors) available for all of our readers series. Click the links below to view or download the booklets.
  • Pearson Active Readers GSE Teacher’s Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors):View | Download
  • Pearson English Readers GSE Teacher’s Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors):View | Download
  • Pearson Kids Readers GSE Teacher’s Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors):View | Download
  • Pearson English Story Readers GSE Teacher’s Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors):View | Download
Click to visit Animal Camouflage
Click to visit Island Hopping (Book)
Click to visit The Railway Children (Book)
Click to visit Detective Work (Book)
Click to visit Amistad (Book)
Click to visit Level 3 - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Click to visit The Time Machine (Book)
Click to visit Taste and Other Tales (Book)
Click to visit Astronauts in Space (Book)
Click to visit Five Famous Fairy Tales (Book)
Click to visit A Christmas Carol
Click to visit The Mayor of Casterbridge (Book)
Click to visit The Client
Click to visit Pocahontas (Book)

Understanding a learner’s level

Assessment tools have also been created to report on the Global Scale of English. These have been designed to help learners and their teachers understand proficiency across all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Level Test

The Level Test helps teachers place new students in the right class for their level and get lessons off to a flying start – in just 20 to 30 minutes.

With just a few basic set-up requirements, the Level Test can even be taken from home.

To learn more about Level Test click here. 

Benchmark Test

The Benchmark Test is an assessment designed to measure learning progress, within one of four available levels most suited to your students.

This straightforward yet powerful tool makes it easy to measure real progress, fast. And with just a few basic requirements, the test can even be taken from home.

To learn more about Benchmark Test click here. 

PTE Academic

is an English test for learners who need to prove language proficiency in order to study abroad or for an immigration visa. Results are aligned to both CEFR and the Global Scale of English. The test is Approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD.

To learn more about PTE Academic click here.