The learner is at the heart of everything we do at Pearson. Every action, every decision, every process, and every investment we make is driven by the pursuit of better outcomes for learners.

MeasuringTape_RGB_blue_LowLearners tell us that they need resources that guide them to discover and deepen their passions; educators tell us that they need tools that enable them to better challenge, intrigue, and inspire. We partner with learners and educators to help them be their best. As learners, educators, and parents ourselves, we are committed to changing lives through learning. Not only is this our mission, but we believe it is our responsibility.

This is what we call “efficacy”: creating a measurable impact on life through learning.

Efficacy is more than just passing an exam; it helps the learner to expand their understanding of the world and of themselves, ignites a hunger for life-long learning, and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed for the career they desire.

We still have a long way to go in our pursuit of efficacy, and we will learn some surprising things along the way. But, we will always follow through on what we learn and act on the findings to produce better results for learners.

On our path to efficacy, we:

  • Assess every product and service to ensure that they produce the intended outcomes, and improve those that fall short, so that everything we do achieves the impact that we are seeking.
  • Report on our success in achieving efficacy so that we hold ourselves accountable to our efficacy goals.
  • Conduct research and encourage debate into what works in learning, in order to encourage evidence-based products and services and improve outcomes.
  • Partner with learners, educators, and institutions to help them succeed.

Learning is a life-changing opportunity. What we learn on our efficacy journey will inspire invention, improve learning, and change the lives of learners for the better.

Global education challenges are too steep for any one organization to pursue independently. We are sharing our work on efficacy so that others can challenge and support us to move more rapidly. Collaboration, partnership, and co-creation is the only way to transform education at the pace the learners we serve require.”
– Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Officer, Pearson

Visit efficacy.pearson.com for more information.