About Us

Company overview

Trade Name: Pearson Japan K.K.
Country Manager: Toshinori Iwamoto
2-2-1 Kanda-Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0054
Contact: [Phone] 03-4540-0380 (Main)
[Email] elt.jp@pearson.com
Date Established: December 17, 2012
Capital: 496 million yen

About Pearson Japan

Pearson Japan is the Japanese subsidiary of London-based Pearson PLC, the world’s largest provider of educational services. Pearson is highly regarded for delivering leading-edge solutions to a wide variety of educational institutions, corporations, and other organizations. These range from traditional English educational materials to digital English educational resources incorporating the latest technologies, e-learning resources, electronic dictionaries, and online assessments. Pearson is also involved in curriculum development, human resources training, and the provision of assessment and qualification solutions. Our mission and ultimate goal is to help people make measurable improvements in their lives through learning.

About Pearson PLC

Pearson PLC, based in London, is the world’s largest provider of educational services, with operations in over 70 countries. Melding over 150 years of publishing industry knowledge with leading-edge technology, the company is active in many facets of the education business.

Our history

1959 British Books, the predecessor of Longman Penguin Office in Japan, is founded.
1978 Regents Publishing Company is established. Company name is changed to Prentice Hall Publishing later the same year.
1980 Longman Penguin Japan is established as a Japanese arm. Company name is changed to Longman Japan in 1993.
1999 Prentice Hall Publishing merges with two Japanese subsidiaries of Pearson PLC: Longman Japan and Addison-Wesley Publishers Japan. Company name is changed to Pearson Education Japan.
2010 Pearson Education Japan merges with Kirihara Shoten. Company name is changed to Pearson Kirihara K.K.
2013 Joint venture with Kirihara Shoten is dissolved, and Pearson Japan K.K. is formed.