Pearson at JALT 2020

Pearson will be giving presentations at JALT 2020 online.

This year, we will also be conducting Talk to Pearson sessions (via Zoom) after each presentation. Please join and talk to our speakers and consultants!

Please see more details in the link below.

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Join us from 10-19 November 2020 for a new series of Pearson English webinars

Choose from six topics and more than 30 sessions from specialist speakers.

Our topics: We’ve created a programme based on feedback from thousands of educators from around the world who responded to our Global Teacher Survey.

Each day focuses on one of the key topics they highlighted:

10th November (Tue) From 5pm Japan time (8am UTC) Addressing lost learning Learn more
11th November (Wed) From 5pm Japan time (8am UTC) Supporting blended and online learning Learn more
12th November (Thu) From 5pm Japan time (8am UTC) Using digital platforms and tools Learn more
17th November (Tue) From 6pm Japan time (9am UTC) Assessment Learn more
18th November (Wed) From 5pm Japan time (8am UTC) Mental health and wellbeing Learn more
19th November (Thu) From 5pm Japan time (8am UTC) Building confidence Learn more

Our specialists: Each webinar is hosted by an expert. Speakers such as Dr. Ken Beatty, Damian Williams, Iwonna Dubicka, Rachael Roberts, Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones will bring you practical, up-to-date advice, guidance and techniques to support your teaching, and fresh ideas for now and the future.

Each participant will receive a personalised certificate of attendance once the session has finished

Click the link below to learn more and register!

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ELT titles price update

Please be informed that prices for some of our ELT titles will change, effective November 1st, 2020.

For more information, please refer to our new ELT price list below.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change and hope for your understanding.

New ELT Price List November 2020


Online teaching tips for Pearson’s leading titles

We have prepared tips for teaching online with the following Pearson’s leading titles in the Support for ELT teachers moving courses online page. We hope these tips are helpful. Below is a list of articles describing how to use courses online, listed by course.
  • English Firsthand 5th edition: Click here
  • Impact Issues 3rd edition: Click here
  • Side by Side Extra: Click here
  • Contemporary Topics: Click here


Summer Holiday Notification

Please note that our office will be closed from 10th August 2020 until 14th August 2020 for the summer break.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Pearson English Kids Readers -Disney series- To Be Discontinued After December 2020

Please note that the Pearson English Kids Readers Disney series will be discontinued at the end of December, 2020.

Pearson English Kids Readers: Disney series
• Series to expire on: December 31st, 2020

• Books to be expired:Pearson English Kids Readers –Disney– 36 titles

* Audio and the Teachers Notes of the Disney series will be removed from the website too. Please download them before December 31st, 2020.

Titles to expire:

1Finding Nemo9781408288535
1Peter Pan9781408288528
1Sleeping Beauty9781408288511
1Winnie the Pooh9781408288542
2The Jungle Book9781408288566
2The Little Mermaid9781408288177
2Monsters Inc9781408288580
2Snow White9781408288559
2Toy Story 19781408288597
3101 Dalmations9781408287316
3Beauty and the Beast9781408288627
3A Bug’s Life9781408287330
3Lady and the Tramp9781408288603
3Toy Story 29781408288634
4The Aristocats9781408288658
4Chicken Little9781408288665
4The Incredibles9781408288689
4The Lion King9781408286975
4Robin Hood9781408288641
4Toy Story 39781408288672
5Alice in Wonderland9781408287378
5The Hunchback of Notre Dame9781408288702
6Atlantis:The Lost Empire9781408288184
6Lilo + Stitch9781408288771

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences it may cause.


Getting results for teachers: Assessment Summer Sessions

Dear valued teacher,

Join us for this free webinar series that explores the many ways teachers can make a difference in their students’ lives with Pearson English proficiency assessments.

Click to register for the session(s) that you’re interested in. All sessions will be recorded and available on this website in case you are not able to make it to a scheduled time.

Role of assessment in today’s digital learning journey with Nick Laul
30th June, 11am UK time 30th June, 7pm Japan time

How to…help learners chart their own course towards English proficiency with Bill Bonk
7th July, 3pm UK time 7th July, 11pm Japan time

Getting to know…Versant English Placement Test + Remote Monitoring with Andrew Khan
14th July, 3pm UK time 14th July, 11pm Japan time

How to…use the Global Scale of English: an end-to-end solution to support teaching and assessment with Mike Mayor
21th July, 11am UK time 21th July, 7pm Japan time

Getting to know…the new Pearson English Level and Benchmark Tests with Darren Nicholls
28th July, 11am UK time 28th July, 7pm Japan time

How to… use digital assessment to direct and refine the teaching
of young learners
with Jenny Liontou
4th August, 11am UK time 4th August, 7pm Japan time

Getting to know…English Benchmark Young Learners with Darren Nicholls
11th August, 11am UK time 11th August, 7pm Japan time

How to…help your students meet their potential in their PTE General exam with Joanne Sale
18th August, 5pm UK time 19th August, 1am Japan time

Getting to know…PTE General, and why a certificate still matters with Jane Bledsoe
25th August, 5pm UK time 26th August, 1am Japan time

How to…help your students prepare for the PTE Academic test using the Teacher Preparation Pathway with Melanie Drake
1st September, 11am UK time 1st September, 7pm Japan time

A look to the future: AI’s place in education and language assessment with David Booth
8th September, 3pm UK time 8th September, 11pm Japan time

Find out more and register here >

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Important information about Azar Essential Online Resources (EOR)

Dear valued teachers,

Thank you very much for using Azar-Hagen Grammar Series.

We have begun retiring the Essential Online Resources(EOR) that accompany the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series. Please read this message carefully to see how these changes will affect you and your students.

* These changes do not affect the Azar MyEnglishLab.

Affected titles
  • Basic English Grammar 4th Edition
  • Understanding and Using English Grammar 5th Edition
Title Series Component
9780134660165 Basic English Grammar 4th Edition Split Edition Student Book A with Essential Online Resources
9780134660172 Basic English Grammar 4th Edition Split Edition Student Book B with Essential Online Resources
9780134661162 Basic English Grammar 4th Edition Student Book with Essential Online Resources
9780134268873 Understanding and Using English Grammar (5th Edition) Split Edition Student Book A with Essential Online Resources
9780134275239 Understanding and Using English Grammar (5th Edition) Split Edition Student Book B with Essential Online Resources
9780134275253 Understanding and Using English Grammar (5th Edition) Student Book with Essential Online Resources

Current Essential Online Resources users

(Students • teachers)
Current users of the Essential Online Resources for the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series will retain access until it expires. However, in addition, they will also have access to the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series Pearson Practice English App with the username and password that they use to log in Essential Online Resources.

To access the Pearson Practice English App, download it from the app store and then register with your existing login credentials. Please visit this page to learn more about the Pearson Practice English App.

Student’s account

Teacher’s account

New users

After the EOR retire dates, you cannot access the Essential Online Resources(EOR).

Instead of EOR, you can use the Pearson Practice English app (both teachers and students) and Pearson English Portal (only teachers).

EOR retire dates
  • Basic English Grammar, 4th Edition (EOR retire date September 1st 2020)
  • Understanding and Using English Grammar 5th Edition (EOR already retired)
Students can access to the resources with “Pearson Practice English app”. If you would like to know the contents of the app, please read “What can be accessed from the app and Pearson English Portal” below.

How to access Pearson Practice English App

Students will need to register online at and use their EOR access codes. They can then download the app and log in with the same username and password to access the app resources. They can see how to use the app in this link.

In addition to the Pearson Practice English app, teachers can access to teachers resources with Pearson English Portal.

* The access codes in the books are for students. Pearson hands over instructor access code upon adoption of the textbook. Contact us at for more information.

What you can access from the app and the Pearson English Portal

  • Pearson Practice English App (for students and teachers): Audio, video, tests(The test contents have changed a little from EOR. Please have a look at this sheet for more details.)
  • Pearson English Portal (for teachers only): Teachers resources

Functions you cannot use with the app and Pearson English Portal

  • Course creation
  • Assignment of course tasks
  • Hide answer key of tests from students view
  • Some tests (click here for details)

Recommended alternative titles

If you would like to create a course and assign tasks or check the students learning progress, we recommend you use Student Book with MyEnglishLab.

Basic English Grammar 4th Edition

ISBN Title Component
9780134661155 Basic English Grammar 4th Edition Student Book with MyLab Access

Understanding and Using English Grammar 5th Edition

ISBN Title Component
9780134275260 Understanding and Using English Grammar 5th Edition Student Book with MyLab Access


Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to find more information about this change.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.