Pearson English Portal (PEP)

The Pearson English Portal aligns on and offline English teaching and learning resources, bringing them together at a single access point; providing a comprehensive, easy to use learning management tool.

Enriched with a variety of digital resources, the portal encourages engagement, improves teaching, enhances the learning experience and improves outcomes.

Note: Pearson English Portal contents are different for each title - some titles do not contain audio or video, others do not include exercises. See below to learn more about what is included for each title.

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Textbooks with Pearson English Portal (PEP)

Making teaching and learning easier

Pearson English Portal is designed to make learning and teaching easier and more effective, with everything that your students and you need in one place.

Our recent upgrades will help make teaching and learning even easier:

  • Virtual classes with Zoom
  • New Test Generator
  • Student's Interactive eBooks
  • Updated Gradebook
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