English Firsthand MyMobileWorld (MMW) - How to use

English Firsthand MyMobileWorld is a new, Moodle-based online component designed by teachers for teachers. Mobile-optimized MyMobileWorld includes an LMS.

* To make use of MyMobileWorld, please use the "Student Book with MyMobileWorld".

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Valid for 24 months

MyMobileWorld Introduction Video:

For Teachers

  1. Teacher Registration
  2. Create Courses
  3. About Each Section
  4. Modify Courses (Optional)
  5. Teacher Completion Chart
  6. Grading Students
  7. Student Password Recovery

Teachers' Manual Download (PDF):
English | Japanese

For Students

  1. Student Registration
  2. About Each Section
  3. Check Your Progress
  4. Password Recovery

Students' Manual Download (PDF):
English | Japanese

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Technical Support


* Please note that Japanese language telephone inquiries for technical support will be suspended until further notice.

Inquiries in Japanese can be submitted by email, but in general we recommend sending inquiries in English, as the response time will be faster.

TEL: 03-4477-4892
(Except weekends, Japanese bank holidays, summer and winter holiday from 9 am to 5:30 pm)

Email: Technical Support (japan@pearsonintlsupport.com)

TEL: South Korea (+82-70-7488-3597), Thailand (+66-2787-3064)
Email: asia.digitalsupport@pearson.com