eText - How to access with a tablet

1. Install the app "Pearson eText Global".

iPad users can download the app from the App Store.
* If you are having difficulties in finding the app, click here.

Android users can download the app from Google Play.
* If you are having difficulties finding the app, click here.

* This is a special app for use in Japan only - therefore it cannot be accessed from

2. Open the app and fill in your Pearson account user name and password to log in.
3. Tap on the cover image of the product you would like to access.
* If the cover image of one of your purchased products does not show up, it means that the eText version does not support tablets yet.

For more detailed guidance about how to use eText, please refer to the videos listed below.

• For a video about how to share notes and set up classes in eText, click here (for instructors):
• To find out how to use eText, click here : (for instructors)

To download a PDF version of this manual, click here

Technical Support for eText Products

* Please note that Japanese language telephone inquiries for technical support will be suspended until further notice.

Inquiries in Japanese can be submitted by email, but in general we recommend sending inquiries in English, as the response time will be faster.

For inquiries regarding eText products click here.

For system requirements click here .