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How to register (for students)

Please use either Google Chrome or Safari.

Open in your browser and click the "Create an account" in the First time user.


Change the language as seen below if you prefer another language.


Create an account. Click “Create an account” and choose Adult account.


Fill in the required information.

* Please remember your username and password. You need them every time you access.

* Choose Japan as your country.

* For user name, use only small letters, numbers and special characters: . (dot) _ (underscore) - (hyphen) or @ in Username.

(If the error message “User with this login already exists” shows up here, the username has already been taken in our system. It is recommended to use your own email address as your username. )


Once you fill in all the required information, the CREATE ACCOUNT button would be enabled. Please click the button.

* For password, enter 8 to 32 small letters including at least one number or special character. It cannot contain blank spaces, your name or your username.

* Tick the box next to “I’m not a robot”


Add a product after creating the account. Click “ADD NEW PRODUCT”.


Enter the access code of the product.

* Include - (hyphens) in access code.

* After entering the access code, click “ACTIVATE” button

* You can find an access code on the back of the cover of the book you purchased.
The access code is covered with silver foil, so that you scratch if off.


Click the product you want to use.


If Search for your institution pop-up appears and your institution is not in the list, either enter "Other" or select "Other" from dropdown list. Click SUBMIT button then.


When you move to the product, the screen below will appear. Please choose the website language first.


Choose Japan as your country. The time zone will be set automatically.


Choose your native language and click "Start".

The registration is now complete.

≪For further information, please contact us≫

* Please note that Japanese language telephone inquiries for technical support will be suspended until further notice.

Inquiries in Japanese can be submitted by email, but in general we recommend sending inquiries in English, as the response time will be faster.

Technical Support

TEL: 03-4477-4892
(Except weekends, Japanese bank holidays, summer and winter holiday from 9 am to 5:30 pm)

Technical Support (

* When you contact us, we'll only use your data in accordance with our privacy policy - you can review the policy here.