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To assign exercises and monitor performance of your students, they must be part of your course. In this section, we will show you how to create a course.

Note: If you do not create a course, students will still be able to access practice activities in self-study mode. Tests are an exception as they are hidden from students and must be assigned by a teacher. Please note that EOR differ for each title. Some titles do not include exercises.

Creating a Course

1. Go to and click "Sign in" in the Returning User section.

Note: We recommend you bookmark this website.
2. Enter your Username and Password.
3. Click on the Settings tab.
4. Under Course Management, click on Create a new course.
5. Click on New Course and then click on Next.
6. Enter the Course name and Course end date, and then select the product and level from the Product drop-down list.
7. Click on Submit.
8. The course summary page shows the Course name, Course ID, Product, and Course end date. Share the Course ID with students wishing to join your course. Click on Print (A) to generate a PDF of the course information. This document also provides instructions for students wanting to join your course.

The creation of the course is now complete. Click the links below to learn how to assign tasks and how students can register (the registration process for students is available as a printable PDF).

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