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Assigning content is a good way to set homework for students. Teachers can assign content to the entire class or selected students. Assigned content will appear in students' To Do lists, making it easy for students to find and complete.


  • Assigning practice activities is optional but tests must be assigned. If you do assign the activities, students must access from the To Do List page. If you don't assign activities, students will be able to access practise content from the Course tab.
  • Assigned content will appear in students' To Do lists, making it easy for students to find and complete.

To assign content:

1. Click on the Course tab and choose your course name from the selection.
2. Click the Content you would like to assign.
3. To assign a single activity or multiple activities, select the activities and then click on Assign.

Note: If the activity previously been assigned, a blue icon will be displayed next to the activity.
4. Select the students and then click on Next step.

Note: By selecting the option “Students who join this course after the assignment is sent will receive this assignment” [A], future students joining the course will get access to the assignment atuomatically.
5. Set the Due date and Time, and then click on Next step.

Note: Use the Enable timer to set a timer on the assignment. Once the assignment is started, the student will have a limited amount of time to complete it.
6. Change the default assignment Settings if necessary and then click on Assign.

Note: If this section is not available, you may be working in “Basic Mode”. To switch to “Expert Mode” and see more options, Click on Expert Mode [A] to see more options.
7. Once the process of assigning is done, a notification will appear on the home screen

Note: The process of assigning content may take up to 5 minutes depending on the amount of content being assigned.

By this, the assignment to students is completed. The assigned task will appear as a new item in the student's EOR To Do list.

Students can complete and submit the task inside the EOR (Except for free-writing tasks, the scoring will be done automatically).

Teachers can access reports in the EOR listing which students have completed the tasks, and which questions caused the most errors.

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