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Focus on Writing
Author(s): Natasha Haugnes, Helen Solorzano, David Wiese, Colin Ward, John Beaumont, Laura Walsh

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

High School - University/Adult

Levels: 5

Level: Advanced

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Focus on Writing gives students an essential set of tools to ensure that they master not only the writing process, but also the grammatical structures, lexical knowledge, and rhetorical modes required for academic writing. This five-level series progresses with students as they grow in confidence and ability from sentence level (Book 1) through paragraphs (Books 1-3) and essays (Books 3-5).
  • High-interest authentic readings provide a springboard for students' writing
  • A choice of writing assignments in each unit allows students to explore their own ideas
  • Grammar presentation and practice correlated to Focus on Grammar clearly makes the connection between grammar and writing
  • Tips for Writers occurs throughout the units and enhances students' writing, revision, and editing skills
  • Online Teacher's Manuals contain lesson plans, specific unit overviews, timed writing assignments, authentic student models, rubrics, and answer keys
Level 1
ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
Student Book 9780132313506 ¥ 2,300 ¥ 2,530
Level 2
ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
Student Book 9780132313520 ¥ 2,300 ¥ 2,530
Level 3
ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
Student Book 9780132313537 ¥ 2,300 ¥ 2,530
Level 4
ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
Student Book 9780132313544 ¥ 2,300 ¥ 2,530
Level 5
ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
Student Book 9780132313551 ¥ 2,300 ¥ 2,530