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Author(s): Regina Raczyńska, Cristiana Bruni with Akiko Seino

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

Level: Elementary

ISBN: 9781292242255
10-digit: 1292242256

Level: Elementary

© Disney/Pixar
Each unit has 8 pages fizzing with the latest Disney and Pixar characters. The stickers and cutouts for each unit are at the back of the book, along with the Audio CDs.
English Land motivates children with their favorite films and characters from Disney / Pixar. It provides hours of exposure to and practice with English, enabling students to listen to stories, play classroom games, sing songs, and discover links with their other studies and the world around them. At the same time it teaches social values through English.

NEW! English Language Booster, a supplementary material that is perfect for increasing childrens' CAN-DOs when used in combination with English Land, is available now (Level 1 and 2 only). English Language Booster is ideal for students who want to improve their skills through listening, reading, writing and speaking activities, CLIL, small/capital letters exercises, phonics, sight words, CAN-DO self assessment and more. Click here to learn more.
  • More popular and latest Disney/Pixar characters e.g. Frozen, Finding Nemo to help students keep motivated and engaged

  • More pen-to-paper activities like coloring, stickering, cutting out, etc. to give students more practice with their fine motor skills, especially younger learners

  • More activities to practice and a new review lesson for each unit to reinforce what students have learned and to provide more opportunities for formative assessment

  • New CLIL page for each unit to help connect the whimsical fantasy world of Disney and Pixar with the real world around students

  • New stories in each unit featuring Mickey Mouse and Co. to increase students’ motivation to keep learning, where two audio versions are available; (1) by real Mickey Mouse and Co. and (2) by a generic narrator

Student Book with Audio CDs

Each unit has 8 pages fizzing with the latest Disney and Pixar characters. The stickers and cutouts for each unit are at the back of the book, along with the Audio CDs.

Activity Book

Each page of the Activity Book corresponds to a page in the Student Book so that it can be used in the classroom and as homework.

Teacher’s Book with DVD-ROM

The Teacher’s Book includes the following resources:

  • Welcome Activities
  • Section-based Teaching Notes
  • Introduction of Additional Activities
  • Audio Scripts
  • Additional Games etc.

The accompanying DVD includes the following resources:

Disney/Pixar movie clips :Original Disney/Pixar clips with narrated audio to recapitalute the contents of each unit (the original audio is not included)

Please note:

1) Only in levels 1-4. Level 5 does not include Disney/Pixar movie clips.

2) Level 1 Unit 8 and Level 4 Unit 3 do not include Disney/Pixar movie clips (for a detailled list of the contents click here (PDF).

Ted & Lucy's episodes

Ted & Lucy are two characters taking the learner through the topics and vocabulary of two units at a time to recapitulate the lesson. Features Disney clips.

Please note:

This contents basically similar to the DVD contents of the 1st Edition.

All 5 levels include 4 episodes each (for a detailled list of the contents click here (PDF).

Resource pack

  • Photocopiable resources (pdf)
  • 9 tests - for each unit and end-of-level tests (PDF format)
  • Test audio
  • DVD worksheets (pdf)

The Flashcards correspond to the key vocabulary for each unit. The section notes explain how the Flashcards can be used to present, practice and consolidate language through a variety of games and activities. There are three sets available; one for Level 1-2 (113 pcs), one for Level 3-4 (145pcs) and one for Level 5 (56 pcs). (Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm )


ActiveTeach presents the entire Student Book, Activity Book, Flashcards etc. in a digital format where all the audio is embedded so that it can be used via a projector or an interactive whiteboard.

Story Cards (Except for Level 5)

The Story Cards show pictures from Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto in the Student Book cartoons. They also include transcriptions and questions you can ask your students about the pictures. (Size: 209mm×147mm)


Colorful posters accompanying the English Land course are an interesting idea for consolidating the material covered in the Student Book. Each poster can be used for review of vocabulary and grammar phrases from the corresponding units of the Student Book.

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Scope and Sequence

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