English Firsthand (4th Edition)

Workbook (Level 2)

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English Firsthand (4th Edition)
Author(s): Marc Helgesen, Steven Brown, and John Wiltshier

Status: Available only while stocks last

Language: American English

Edition: Old Edition

TOEIC®: 250


ISBN: 9789880030727
10-digit: 9880030729

Level: Intermediate

English Firsthand is a best-selling communication series. The upgraded methodology focuses on oral communication and is strengthened through additional elements of positive educational psychology, more integrated grammar and vocabulary learning and improved avenues for online, self-directed learning.

  • Preview activates vocabulary in a clear, picture-dictionary format
  • Drama Coach videos model conversations and move students to more engaging practice
  • Shadowing, an active listening technique, is integrated throughout the series
  • "Can do" goals are in line with the CEF "Can Do" statements
  • Real Stories based on true events and people provide personalized writing models

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