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Author(s): Fiona Beddall, Jayne Wildman, Katherine Stannett, Carolyn Barraclough, Series Consultant: Cara Norris-Ramirez

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

CEFR: A1 - A2

ISBN: 9781447982739
10-digit: 1447982738

Level: Starter

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MOVE IT! is a new four-level American English course with a complete digital learning package offering multiple options for dynamic personalized classes, motivating today’s 21st century teenagers – whatever their learning styles.

MOVE IT! builds on the successful formula of Next Move written by the same authors, and bringing in an American English Series Consultant. The series helps every student to succeed and every teacher to achieve better learning outcomes.With work across a variety of interesting and up-to-date topics and using tools students use ever y day such as websites, videos and games, students will learn to filter and analyze information, develop logical thinking and creativity, and collaborate on projects.
  • Varied tasks make the most of students' multiple intelligences and different learning styles
  • BrainTrainers, projects, and graded exercises in theWorkbook cater to mixed-ability classes
  • Individual grade reports in MyEnglishLab help to personalize learning for students
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Level Title ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
2 Class CDs 9781447982739 ¥ 2,500 ¥ 2,750
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