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Student book + DVD-ROM (Upper-intermediate)

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Author(s): Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Jonathan Bygrave

Status: Available Now

Language: British English

Edition: Latest Edition

GSE: 55 - 71

ISBN: 9781447936985
10-digit: 1447936981

Level: Upper-intermediate, CEFR:B1+, B2

This fully-revised edition builds on the task-based learning approach that has made Cutting Edge so popular. With fresh, new, integrated DVD material and digital components, learners can be confident of improving their language skills through a carefully balanced range of activities.

New features include World Culture lessons that encourage discussion of contemporary global issues and Language Live lessons that enable students to practice functional language and writing skills.

MyEnglishLab for Cutting Edge Third Edition is the perfect way for students to practice when and where they want and instantly get their grades and feedback.

The Student’s DVD-ROM contains all the audio and video clips and a digital Mini dictionary of key vocabulary.
  • WORLD CULTURE: World Culture lessons with DVD clips are self-contained sections that relate to the unit using topics such as significant moments in world history and technological or social trends
  • LANGUAGE LIVE: Language Live lessons show students real-life functional language through DVD or audio clips. The language is presented in contexts and situations they will come across in everyday life
  • NEW DIGITAL COMPONENTS: DVD Rom with the student book, Active Teach for use on an IWB Teacher's Resource Disc

The booklets introduce CAN-DO Statements for each activity in the course. These booklets can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links below.

GSE Teacher's Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors)

  • MP3-FileStudent book + DVD-ROM Upper-intermediate GSE Teacher's Booklet (Can-Do Descriptors) (View | Download)
Samples & Supplementary Material

Scope and Sequences

  • MP3-FileStudent book + DVD-ROM Upper-intermediate Scope and Sequences (View | Download)

Sample Pages

  • MP3-FileStudent book + DVD-ROM Upper-intermediate Unit 11 (View | Download)

Sample Audio

Sample Video

  • MP4-VideoStudent book + DVD-ROM Upper-intermediate Sample Video (Watch | Download)
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