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Audio CD (4th Edition) (Consider the Issues - High Intermediate)

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Author(s): Carol Numrich

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Latest Edition

ISBN: 9780132314909
10-digit: 0132314908

Level: High-Intermediate

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Consider the Issues helps high-intermediate and advanced students develop critical thinking skills as they gain insight into American attitudes and values. Each thought-provoking unit is based on an authentic radio broadcast from NPR ® . Students develop essential listening strategies, such as predicting, looking at language, understanding main ideas and points of view, focusing on details, and making inferences. Language and concepts are integrated through follow-up critical thinking activities including discussion, debate, values clarification, survey, role play, case study, interview, and simulation.

The fourth edition features six new units on topical issues such as social network privacy, reasons people choose not to marry, and bad driver behavior. In addition, each unit features integrated focus on language and pronunciation activities, as well as new discourse analysis activities.
  • New topics include cell phone courtesy, globalization, medicine as business, philanthropy, how technology is blurring boundaries between home and work, and the influence of media on young adults
  • New pronunciation strand provides practice with native English sound patterns
  • Inferencing questions encourage students to find implied meanings
This academic listening and speaking series uses original National Public Radio® broadcasts to provide a context for listening comprehension and discussion. As students develop listening strategies and critical thinking skills, they also learn to integrate grammar and vocabulary activities into their
everyday speech and writing.

Each book incorporates 12 authentic radio interviews on thought-provoking topics such as philanthropy, the impact of the Internet, immigration, and alternative energy.
  • Develops listening strategies, including predicting, understanding main ideas, and note-taking.
  • Fosters critical thinking skills through activities including discussion, debate, and writing assignments.
  • Integrates language and concepts through sophisticated grammar and vocabulary activities.
  • Features an audio program and separate answer key with complete audio scripts.
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