The Practice of English Language Teaching (5th Edition)

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The Practice of English Language Teaching (5th Edition)
Author(s): Jeremy Harmer

Status: Available Now

Language: International English

Edition: Latest Edition

The highly acclaimed Practice of English Language Teaching is the essential guide for teachers of English in a wide range of contexts. The new Fifth Edition has been revised to reflect the latest developments in language teaching. It explains current pedagogy to teachers who want to access the most relevant English language teaching practices and incorporate them into their classes.

The DVD includes discussions between the author and teachers about language teaching issues, and presents authentic lesson extracts from around the world.
  • English as a world language (who learns it and why)
  • Theories of language and language learning
  • A discussion of learner characteristics that influence teacher decisions, including guidance on managing learning
  • A description of approaches to teaching language systems (grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation), and to teaching language skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading)
  • A wide range of practical teaching ideas
  • An examination of the role of technology (old and new) in the classroom
  • A description of assessment for language learning in the digital age
  • Includes new examples, revised explanations, some topics rewritten. New focus areas:

    • Learners’ attitudes towards learning and the importance of soft skills in learning
    • Explicit language instruction in comparison to exposing students to meaningful context
    • New technologies in the classroom – to enhance teaching, not to make it more difficult
    • Growth in CLIL in the classroom and the teaching of English for younger learners
    • Practical teaching ideas reflecting current methodological practice and encouraging debate
  • Updated DVD with lesson extracts with real teachers
  • Free access to website with:

    • Jeremy Harmer’s interviews
    • Additional videos of classroom lessons
  • Materials for group discussions on subjects in the book and guidance for individual teachers
1 The world of English language teaching
2 Describing the English language
3 Issues in language learning
4 Popular methodology
5 Being learners (including learner autonomy)
6 Being teachers (including teacher development)
7 Class size and different abilities;
8 Feedback, mistakes and correction
9 Managing for success
10 Seating and grouping students; 11 Technology for learning
12 Planning
13 Teaching language construction
14 Teaching grammar
15 Teaching vocabulary
16 Teaching pronunciation;
17 Teaching language skills
18 Teaching reading
19 Teaching listening
20 Teaching writing
21 Teaching speaking;
22 testing and evaluation

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