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Author(s): Mario Herrera, Christopher Sol Cruz

Status: Available Now

Language: American English

Edition: Old Edition

ISBN: 9780132985796
10-digit: 0132985799

Level: Elementary 1-6

It’s a BIG world out there and today’s young learners have BIG goals. BIG ENGLISH engages students with fun topics and activities that motivate them to learn English. BIG ENGLISH aims to make sure that every student has the tools they need to succeed.

Balanced development of language skills and CLIL lessons are the core of this course, but it has so much more! Critical thinking about BIG ideas and Culture Connections challenge students to learn and think about the BIG wide world around them, helping them build 21st century skills. Assessment for Learning encourages self-efficacy and develops learner confidence to think BIG.
  • CLIL: because students are learning English and so much more
  • 21st Century Skills: because students want to get ahead and need to be prepared for the world around them
  • Assessment for Learning: because confi dence leads to success
Student Book

Activities present key language in context, motivating learners to not only understand but also acquire it. Think Big activities help students develop 21st Century Skills. Three four-page Checkpoints focus on Assessment for Learning and provide opportunities for students to assess their own progress. Each level has 9 units.

Student Book with MyLab

MyLab is a digital workbook that includes additional activities and automatically-scored tests and worksheets. Provides huge amounts of additional practice for students.

Workbook with Audio CD

The Workbook provides engaging additional practice for each lesson in the Student Book. It is designed for independent study at home, but can be used for reinforcement in the classroom as well.

Teacher’s Edition

This comprehensive guide includes step-by-step lesson plans, activities and ideas, a Game Bank, Student Book and Workbook Audio Scripts, a Workbook Answer Key, and notes and audio scripts for the YLE Practice Materials found at the end of each Student Book.

ActiveTeach CD-ROM

This digital tool allows teachers to focus class attention on key targets, and includes helpful resources, such as interactive versions of the Student Book, theme-based video, teacher’s resource files, grammar and writing handbooks.

Games and Activities CD-ROM

Interactive activities and games.

Assessment Book with ExamView

The assessment book includes an overview of language assessment for young children, such as diagnostic test, practice test, unit tests, mastery tests, final exams, and materials for oral assessment.

Class Audio

Includes listening activities, unit stories and CLIL readings.


Theme-based video clips with CLIL segments (documentaries) and dramatic segments. An accompanying Video Guide can be found in ActiveTeach.


Nine thematically-related teaching posters elicit and review target language. Three grammar posters for the classroom wall provide on-the-spot reference for learners. Size : 60 cm X 92cm

Level Title ISBN Price Price Incl. Tax
4 Games and Activities CD-ROM 9780132985796 ¥ 1,500 ¥ 1,650
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